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  1. OK, say they ask me if I support a ban (before I have done some research – such as reading all the comments against your previous article – and had a good think about it) and I would say yes – but then I don’t have any problem with illegal parking on my land because I only have on street parking and have for a long time lived with the consequences of that (occasionally have to park as much as a quarter mile away).

    I’m tending to agree with those who say that proper regulation of clampers and severe penalties if they transgress is the way forward this autumn – but in England we don’t (yet [1]) have the agile set of public servants that Scotland has been developing (I know a few of them, and they have been learning fast). And its the way forward for two reasons: (1) current regulation has failed, and (2) (as in so many of those comments) coping with the consequences of a ban cannot be accommodated quickly or, in significant cases, at all, particularly so because of the current financial position.

    [1] The real job to be done is to sort out several sections of the English civil service, plus local govt. I think that it has started at the Westminster level…

  2. Hi Lynne

    The Liberal Democrats when governing have always previously been known for encouraging people to think twice about parking in the wrong places and also encouraged people to think about the effects of their car driving.

    Take the London Borough of Richmond, until May, the borough had a LibDem council and they introduced higher charging for big polluters, they introduced more controlled parking (because people couldn’t park anywhere near their properties particularly if they lived in the vague vicinity of a station) and generally encouraged people to leave their vehicles for short journeys.

    As a (ex?)LibDem supporter and voter, I thought this was great – not only had a council tried to tackle green issues in the form of high polluting vehicles but they’d also attempted to tackle unneccessary journeys/congestions.

    My conversations with a LibDem councillor that I know also felt that they had to do something about the mayhem on the roads – the previous Conservative administration had allowed, let’s say, a ‘libertarian’ parking policy and it was a nightmare.

    Ok, banning private clampers has meant lots of populist headlines for you in a quiet time but it’s hardly a step forward is it or a progressive measure? It worries me that you have essentially given people, and there will be many, the green light to park on private land knowing that there’s nothing anything they can do about it.

    Yes, this may have been approved at LibDem conference (god knows when) but it doesn’t really follow the actions of LibDems in government (before you obviously). I can’t think this was a Tory idea as they’re the people most likely to have private land.

  3. At Gemini Parking Solutions, we intend to continue to provide our clients with the same professional, fair and successful services but by way of our parking ticket enforcement, which have fantastic success rates in eradicating illegal parking from private land.
    We look forward to this bright new future where landowners and motorists can both get what they want and deserve without the negative clamping cloud hanging over all of our heads.

  4. I am totally against a ban, I want to see correct and proper legislation to deal with Rogue Clampers.. even serious clamping companies want MORE regulation to clean up the industry and to stop media headlines from a minority of cases that tars them all with the same brush.

    If we used the same criteria on MP’s and their Expenses, we would ban MP’s.
    If you used the same criteria on Tax and Avoidance, we would not pay tax.
    If you used the same criteria on Speeders, no one would be allowed to drive.

    The problem is NOT Clamping, the problem is a minority of people that are operating outside the current Guideline and it is THIS we want our MP’s to deal with, not another poorly thought our pieces of legislation that effectively removes the right of individuals to protect their property with reasonable force, which I believe would BREACH the Convention on Human Rights and Land Owners could take this all the way to the European Courts.

  5. Point about YouGov Poll

    Take those 787 Voters and ask them if they live in a House or a Flat, I bet the majority live in Houses and therefore the Poll is weighted in favour of a ban… go and find the same volume of people that live in Flats, own small Business’s and have Doctors/Dentist Surgeries etc and the results will be somewhat different, the poll is misleading.

  6. Well done Lynne. For far too long these leeches have ripped people off and acted with impunity. many crimes were committed that went uninvestigated, a scandal in itself. Please pay no heed to the bleating of the clampers who fear the loss of their ill gotten gains and who took no steps to self regulate their out of control and borderline criminal industry.

    Please also deal with the problem of bogus tickets issued by private parking companies. Many tickets are issued to mimic council tickets despite being virtually unenforcable, as part of an elaborate scam. Threats and intimidation are used to force motorists to pay up. This business will quickly become as out of control as clamping is now if onerous restrictions are not applied to the companies. Self regulation by the BPA is useless as the BPA is a trade association and has no inclination or interest to control their members.

  7. Why are private property owners being thrown to the lions?

    Private property owners are a vast percentage of the population, law abiding, innocent and ordinary i.e. not multi millionaires with thousands of acres of parking.

    It is obvious that the ONLY way to stop the hard core OFFENDERS that are the problem, is clamping. So take that away and you leave us defenceless.

    This is not about taking away the property owners only form of effective defence (notice i use the word defence), it is about tackling the cowboy/rogue clampers and enforcing fair legislation.

    People who immediately agree with the abolishment of clamping are mainly those that have been unfairly clamped and fined; and after considering the issue further will nearly always agree that banning clamping will victimise many innocent owners of property, maybe including themselves. Just ordinary people who live in flats, houses etc or small businesses such as doctors surgeries, dentists and many more.

    Tackle the legislation and wrongdoers, don’t throw in the towel and allow the hardcore offenders (who are a continual problem; deal with one and another takes its place) right of passage to carry on offending time and again. Please don’t tell me ticketing is the answer to this, it is well documented that it does NOT work with the very people who cause the offence and don’t give a damn.

  8. I found this poll, Lynne:


    When do the public hangings begin?

    Instead of scouting around for a poll that supports your position (I find it a little scary that a Lib-Dem would think that polls have anything to do with parliamentary democracy) why not publish details of the consultation process?

    “Lynne Featherstone says:
    18 August 2010 at 11:01 am

    Dr Simm. The decision came off the back of a consultation”

  9. Lynne , I understand that there is a problem, in the industy it is a rogue element in the industry, but who have you consulted, i know people in the industry and NO ONE has been consulted period… in 2005 ish the SIA people were consulted then the SIA came into effect to help regulatate the industry, they made terms and conditions for the people with licences, so why oh why did they just simply increase the terms and condition thats what the non rogue element of the industry was think was going to happen say for example the maximum fee i.e £120 for clamp and make a condition on time before a clamp is issued, that you cannot tow unless say after a set time and set price for that, in my all the licence fee if for is a shealth tax on the employee in this industry.
    as above lynee said decision cam of a consultation that is not true in my view as i am in the industry and our company follow rule set out in our contact with the landowners, or their agents, and if we did not do what they ask or they think what we were say heavy handed (towing cars, lack of signs etc, sitting hidden on the site), they would sack the company, the truth is the company I work for Agents, Landowner like the way we work because it is the way they want us to work, we have had some contacts well over 20 years, so I know it may sound bias towards clamping, but if you speak to the landlord i work for we have helped them solve a problem, as i mentioned above the problem the people that do thing that make me mad like the stories in the press, like the one who clamped all 4 wheel and issued so many ticket could not see the windscreen, or the companies out they that ticket the car within 5 minutes clamp it and then tow it, or if the person came back after the clamp and before the clamp unit leaves and before tow truck come and they charge for it, that is simple wrong wrong wrong.

    So as I said Lynne Featherstone, come out with it who have you Consulted, as i work for one of the biggest, and they been trade 20 years plus, and supply stuff to goverment bodies and we have not been consulted.
    So lynne if you read this or email i directly sent to you answer my question

  10. I proclaim that these measures are ludicrous and are typical of an MP who knows about government issues and absolutely nothing about the Private Parking Industry.

    I have 21 years of experience and run an highly respected company that operates in over 300 towns and cities in the UK, We also immobilise over a thousand vehicles per month without much complaint or bad press, Our release fee is a mere £80 and we very rarely tow away, perhaps just 10 a year and only when threatened with violence or at the proprietors wish. All my members of staff are vetted to BS7858 trained in conflict management and vehicle immobilisation and hold an SIA license. We are ISO 9001 2008 UKAS, Members of the BPA Approved Operators Scheme and currently awaiting certification from the SIA for their ACS “We are the good guys” (if there is such a thing) in the industry and although I am a honoured member of the Industry of Parking Professionals, the chairman of the largest Wheel clamping company on private land, inventor of the triangular clamp I/ We have not been approached and our opinions sort. 

    Public awareness now of wheel clamping has brought ease and comfort to the proprietors all over the UK by providing low cost car parking management. The public (YOU) now has access to, Libraries, Your space at work or even out side your own home! We patrol Hospitals, Doctors and Clinics. Many a Shopping Centre, retail park, Department stores and shops that were previously abused by Fly Parker’s, Remember 1969 No-one wanted to see double yellow lines and traffic wardens but were would we be without them? The alternatives are similarly daunting. Are we actually going to turn the clock back to draconian measures. I.e. Pop up studs, unlocking chains, expensive barriers or do the government expect us all to issue Fixed Penalty Notices were only 62% volunteer payment whilst the rest end up with in the small claims court after which results in proceedings and visits from National firms of bailiffs, surely that is worse than what we have now. 

    The threat of Wheel Clamping Deters and provides good car park management. No more parking on grass verges, pavements on Hatched or yellow lines, double parking, out side emergency exits etc. try to imagine if I was to park on your driveway or take your parking spot and you have no recourse. IF this bill goes through then I can do Just that and you can’t do a thing about it! and trust me motorists do just that!

    Lets see sense “better the devil you know! All that’s required is a cap on the release fee at £80 to £100, A time limit before vehicles can be towed away with no extra fees and only used as a last resort such as instances like the blocking of fire exits, emergency exits or access to land or only if there is no way of relocation on site. All the companies should be licensed and regulated by the SIA and booted out for being over zealous. If you feel aggrieved you can go to the small claims court that’s what its there for!

    Trevor Whitehouse
    National Clamps

    PS I’m not a leech!

  11. It seems to me that what we do need is for our society to behave better with regard to parking cars and not just park anywhere, but good parking management e.g. assessible parking etc that is policed properly is a must

  12. Hi why not do the right thing punish the offending companies if these people are breaking the law then take away their ill gotten gains its what happens with other crimes and could be paid for from this cash. How much are the small buisinesses loosing through there custom going else where just because they couldnt get park in there car park and why is it you dont need a licence to ticket cars and are no police checks on those who do it yet wheel clampers are also clampers are not allowed to give any of this money to the land owners yet again nothing to stop ticketers giving cash insentives to the land owner.

  13. I wish I could penalise rogue wheel clampers I really do. I’ve spent 21 years of backlash from their antics and it makes me cringe. Remember I’m tarred with the same brush so I don’t go to meetings any more, I don’t answer their phone calls or join their groups. If I’m in an association its because there is a need, and not always that I agree! I’m more or less an independent and I’ll fight for what I believe in and what I think is right, after all every man’s home is his castle and I’ll help you defend it. What I won’t do is fight for the rights of someone who wants a fiscal gain or sees my endeavours as retribution, I won’t get into land disputes, I’m not that sort of guy! I’m here to provide good car park management using the threat of Vehicle immobilisation and that’s it!. I too hate Clamper’s and its more than most and with justification, trust me!

    I do however warn that I also doubt these days what is printed especially in the Daily Mail I can read between the lines and I know that the press either lie or exaggerate but you do hear some horror stories that is beyond beggars belief Fortunately there are plenty of us good guys out there and lots of them but their work never receives accolade, there again they don’t expect it. We too make mistakes of course we do! we are not definitely whiter than white, but we try to be “Our excuse” we just don’t know the truth any-more as we’ve seen it, heard it even from the nicest of people. With so many lies its just hard to trust any human ever again.

    Ironically the fact is Vehicle Immobilisers are perceived as being Shyster’s and unfortunately everyone decent I know within the industry is about to bail out and take as much cash as they can before going bust! They won’t listen to me any more and all of the good work both I and others have tried to achieve has been squandered and anyone who was border line in the past are now playing into the hands of the media. Ironically and believe it or not most decent people that have not been clamped, towed away nor received an FPN and stupidly you all benefit from our service in one way or another but you just don’t see it or think about it!

    The deterrent factor these days is around 95% Should you role the dice and get caught on average a clamp cycle including the on /off payment is made within 22 minutes and a wheel clamper can average apply/remove up to 10 units per hour in a busy area. A tow truck which is more expensive to run requires a compound and staff averages only 2.4 Vehicles per hour and when you look at the turn around of 3 hours of inconvenience to the Motorist then Clamping is a greater deterrent because the risk is higher. When people Claim Clamping is outlawed in Scotland THINK AGAIN! Because towing isn’t so the proprietors choose to tow which is obviously more expensive and more inconvenient to get you car back. I’d rather be clamped than towed any-day.

    By law “Civil law” that is! We can legally charge up to £130.The BPA will endorse up to £125. I/We don’t take what I’m entitled to or what I can, I only take what I feel is fair, Which is £80 I don’t tow away and I don’t have escalating charges or trumped up expenses! which I believe makes me better than most MP’s in the house. So its down to the Governments and MP’s who create the Statutes and laws not mere Clamper’s. Right now wish I was an MP for just about anyone who’d have me and I’d put a stop to this witch-hunt on hard working caring car park attendants with limited power!

    Trevor Whitehouse
    National Clamps

  14. I have the opportunity to voice my opionion on Sky News last week, but unfortunately I was up against the head of the AA, who did not have a clue and could not answer a question with a reasonable answer.

    The head of the AA of which seemed only to highlight the fact of the victim……………..who really isnt the victim at all, I ask if you saw a private parking notice clearly advising of the possible consequencies would you park?? I know I wouldnt take the chance.

    Lets all admit the fact since licencing began in 2005 is has been a complet shamles sometimes taking uo to 6 months to get a replacement licence, in excess of 10,000 licences were issued by the previous government to illegal immigrants, I even saw in the press this week that cleaners at The House of Commons have not been vetted, security cleared and were of an illegal status.

    The Honourable MP clearly quoted an outright ban on wheelclamping of vehicles in England and Wales, has she thought of the serious consequencies, we are in a recession as we are all so aften reminded, how can they effectively make in excess of 2100 of us jobless and the businesses forced in liquidiation, no doubt we will all be seeking compensation from the government for the complet u-turn that they have done.

    The honourable MP said it would take in excessof £2,000,000 to set up an independant enquiry service for private parking, where does this figure come from, I could form a body in no time and carry out an effective service and at a fraction of the cost.

    I went on air and stated very clearly, regulate the companies, monitor the fees, monitor the signage, and regulate the companies,ensure they are uniformed operatives, use clearly marked vehicles and operate to a code of conduct as requested by The BPA this was already a proposal set out by governmnet last year,as Trevor has already stated £120.00 is deemed as reasonable.

    What about the land owners the real victims in this fiasco, if a person chooses to read a sign, ignore and walk off just who is the victim the landowner who cannot park his own vehicles staff and customers or the ignorant parker who left the car because it is easier and more convenient. The businesses that will suffer due to incorrect parking will put further pressure on the already suffering small operater. I have spoken to many of our clients landowner, housing associations etc and they are all starting to panic at the thought of having no control on their land!

    By what right does the coalition government have to state what a landowner may do on his/her own land in order to prevent unauthorised parking of vehicles., the law of land has various phrases of which are most interesting and is extremely useful reading

    The honourabl MP stated on TV of a disabled person being clamped with a wheelchair in the vehicle!! was a valid disabled badge on display??? correctly inside the vehicle???? . The honourable MP I presume is aware that it is illegal to wheelclamp a vehicle that has a valid disabled persons badge on display

  15. Again I re-iterate your comments in the column of the Ham & High is somewhat away from the entire truth?? you have stated that sucessive governments have tried to deal with Rogue Clampers??? when and where as labour had been in power for ages, Yes, we all agree the SIA licensed the individuals of which is a poor show as had they registered the companies forst then as I said live on Sky news last week “we may not have been in this situation if the companies were regulated” lets all remember it is the SIA that issued in excess of 10,000 licences to illegal immigrants, last week the national press stated that illegal immigrants were working as cleaners at The House of Commons, lets also not forget that The SIA is directed by the Home Office.

    May I remind you all of the Home office paperwork consultation dated 30th April 2009 of which I have copies for all to read if so required:

    it states the options by Alan Campbell MP
    The Issues;concerns about the vehicle immobilisation industry
    Option 1 – Status Quo – make no changes
    Option 2 – A voluntary code of Practice like the BPA
    Option 3 – Compulsory membership licensing scheme fo VI Businesses
    Option 4 – Compulsory Approved Contractor Scheme

    it then goes on to state para 47:
    The government beleives that Option 3, a business licensing scheme (BLS), offers the most effective approach. This would make it mandatory for businesses to be licensed, to help to ensure they sign up to standards of conduct which will be enforced if they are not met. The remit of The BLS will extend to all partnerships, sole traders etc who provide VI Services, whether in house or under contract and will not be restricted to limited companies

    No where does it state in the consultation does it state a complete ban
    Why is is that the home office will not acknowledge the facts, so where as mentioned bt the honourable secretary does it confirm that as she says “successive governments have tried to deal with rogue clampers” the consultation paper was sent out and appears to have been completely ignored, I WILL quite happily forward the consultation papers onto any person that is interested to read for themselves, it is of course on Home Office letter headed paperwork.

    Please any further infor would be greatly appreciated: localclampers@aol.com
    obviously I will mention that any abusive emails will dealt with in the appropriate manner and be reported to the relevent authorities

    It looks like a one way street yet again and this time unfortunately by the coalition government

  16. Apparently all the evidence exists, as the topic has been fully explored, together with all the options of the best possible solutions by Ministers….. Below is the reply I got from the Home Office on my specific query on Parking on Private Land, a problem we have in our block of flats. Sadly, I have not been able to find the evidence anywhere!

    I guess a FOIA request will be required:

    “The Government included a commitment in its Coalition Agreement to tackle rogue private sector wheel-clampers. Ministers have explored all the options to find the best possible solution to tackling this problem. As a result, they announced on 17 August the Government’s intention to ban wheel-clamping and towing away on private land.

    The Government understands the concerns that you and others have raised, and believe that an absolute ban is the only way to ensure that it tackle the problems caused by rogue clampers.

    Primary legislation will be needed to bring this change into force. The Government plan to introduce this in the Government’s Freedom Bill in November, and will aim to bring the ban into force as soon as possible once the necessary legislation has been passed. Once in place, anyone who clamps a vehicle or tows it away on private land could face criminal proceedings or civil sanctions.”

  17. As an owner of a small pub with accommodation and a large car park, I want to know what the government proposes I do to stop people using the car park that do not use my pub. Saying that I can put a barrier across doesn’t really help at all. If a guest wants to leave in the early hours and I personnally close up at 1 o’clock in the morning (getting to my bed at around 2-3am after cleaning up), if I have a guest wanting to leave at 5 or 6am (and this does happen) am I supposed to wake after 2 hours sleep, change, open the barrier, then go back to bed. Would this Lynne Featherstone do the same on a regular basis?
    I would also suggest that most business owners voted Conservative in the last election (I don’t have proof but the Conservatives always seemed to support business’s) and I strongly would personnally strongly consider my vote in future (and WILL be voicing my opinion come the next general election) this woman Featherstone has no basis in doing what she is doing. Governments are supposed to hold the rights of the population that do not break the law. Parking where it is clearly sign posted that you will be clamped if not a patron of the business IS breaking the law, it is trespassing on private property. Why is Lynne Featherstone so stupid to be making it legal to trespass.

  18. I’ve just looked at Ms Featherstone’s blog (I did not realise that she was a Lib Dem – well they didn’t get the majority vote anyway) her current blog starting with the disabled men has really touch a nerve with me. She has obviously used these stories to get sypathy as opposed to mentioning that if these men couldn’t see the parking restriction information then maybe they shouldn’t be driving as they can’t obviously see.
    She is correct in saying that banning the wheel clamp was introduced in Scotland in 1992 but she fails to add that the police were given increased powers to stop illegal parking on private ground. So quick is she to make clamping illegal in England and Wales she has forgotten to protect the rights of the private land owner.
    Can anyone find Lynne Featherstones addresses (she’s bound to have more than one, she is an MP) and let us park on her property. I feel we must do this until the, clearly uneducated MP changes this wheel clamping bill.

  19. Hi James, we have got the same fob off letter

    Direct Communications Unit
    2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF
    Switchboard 020 7035 4848
    Fax: 020 7035 4745
    Textphone: 020 7035 4742
    E-mail: public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk
    Website: http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk

    Mr Whitehouse
    Reference: T15296/10

    Dear Mr Whitehouse,

    Thank you for your email of 25 August to the Home Secretary about the regulation of vehicle immobilisation. Regrettably the Home Secretary receives so much correspondence that she is unable to reply personally. Your email has been passed to me to reply.

    The Government included a commitment in its Coalition Agreement to tackle rogue private sector wheel-clampers. Ministers have explored all the options to find the best possible solution to tackling this problem. As a result, they announced on 17 August the Government’s intention to ban wheelclamping
    and towing away on private land.

    The Government understands the concerns that you and others have raised, and believe that an absolute ban is the only way to ensure that it tackle the problems caused by rogue clampers. Primary legislation will be needed to bring this change into force. The Government plan to introduce this in the Government’s Freedom Bill in November, and will aim to bring the ban into force as soon as possible once the necessary legislation has been passed. Once in place, anyone who clamps a vehicle or tows it away on private land could face criminal proceedings or civil sanctions.

    The Government agrees that it is very important to balance the rights of the motorist to have access to their vehicle, with the rights of landowners to use and control access to their property. The ban on clamping and towing on private land will not prevent landowners or vehicle immobilisation (VI)
    companies from carrying out other forms of parking control, which will remain legal, for example, ticketing or using barriers. Where appropriate, the Government would expect landowners to use those other types of legal parking control. It is important to recognise that this has been the position in Scotland since 1992.

    The Government will be extending the power of the police to move cars that are parked dangerously or obstructively on private land in the same way as they already have such powers on public roads. Local authorities have the responsibility of removing abandoned vehicles whether on private land or
    the public highway. These arrangements will continue. Landowners should report to their local authority any vehicle which they believe has been abandoned on their land.

    Yours sincerely
    K Rouse

  20. @Martin Clarke

    Nice one, threatening to come and park on Lynne’s drive. If you needed evidence that the clamping industry is founded on bullying and extortion, this is it.

  21. I fail to see how it can be said that a ban has worked in Scotland. Clamping may be banned in Scotland but is a great leap to say it has worked. How many Scottish landowners would introduce clamping if they could? They may have great problems but no legal remedy.

    Perhaps a survey of landowners in Scotland would reveal a desire for clamping services. Jersey banned it a while ago, again seeking a survey of landowners there may reveal a problem

    The Home Office glibly say that a landowner will have to erect a barrier. Who do say is to pay for this? Flat dwellers who have had their finances ravaged by this Coalition Government. Business owners already facing problems because of the recession caused by poor Government oversight of the banks and tremendous waste of public funds? HMRC statistics show how many have had to plead with them for help in paying their tax demands. How does the Home Office suggest ticketing can work? How does the householder find the driver of a car and then pursue him through the Courts. Why should the victim of the crime have to pay to attempt to get justice. I thought Government policy was to shift the balance in favour of the victim!

    Featherstone keeps mentioning one nurse who was clamped when visiting a patient. She omits to recognise that the nurse was trespassing on land and there against the owners wishes and without consent. Why should she assume consent just because she is a nurse. Can I park anywhere when visiting a client? No, how is it any different for a nurse, find a car park and walk the rest of teh way like the rest of us; you are doing no more than carrying out your daily work. A nurse does not attend life or death situations in an emergency, she simply changes a dressing or checks if a baby has a sore bum. That nurse parking may have prevented another genuine person getting access to HIS property; it is theft. Depriving a person of their property even for a short period is an act of theft.

    Should the Bill be passed and succeed then this is a government is doing a U turn on the Security Industries Act of 2004 Ask yourself Do I and my staff have a VI License. Have they/we been educated BTEC level 2 in Vehicle Immobilisation and educated BTEC Level 2 in Conflict Management. Do we have an Edxcell aproved training centre. National Clamps are members of the BPA AOS and almost a member of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme. Should we seek compensation from the UK government through the European Courts I estimate my business to be valued any where between 3~5m (A month ago) There are over 500 companies similar to mine and this is apparently a billion dollar industry.

    Applying tickets is not the same as Vehicle immobilisation, I Don’t accept that!

    I believe that 40% of Ticketed Motorists take advantage of the early bird discount Leaving very little sustainable profit A further 22% pay up after they’ve acquired ‘Owners Details’ which has its cost and overheads i.e. Telephone personnel, postage, websites, credit card fees, DVLA & The BPA. Taking a motorist to court is expensive and non profitable even using a non legal representatives and you’d lose if you don’t plus you cannot claim back expenses for loss of earnings for your witnesses (The Ticketer)

    Those that do go to court usually claim hardship and pay back a pound a week and debt collection via Bailiffs is far more controversial, expensive & time consuming than Wheel Clamping. If in November a bill is passed then a judicial revenue can be sought but the costs would be around £30,000 I for one will instigate such a procedure but I expect a commitment from ‘Others’

    Trevor Whitehouse
    Chairman Founder National Clamps 1989 ~ Present day

  22. @ Scribe

    It’s hardley bullying only uphold Ms Featherstones proposal. People park on my land without asking or using my business. Exactly the same as parking on someones drive yet not coming to your house.

  23. 5 Mitsubishi Shoguns, 2 VW transporters and 12 Berlingo’s, I’m not exaggerating you can find a photograph of them on our web site entitled “The Grim Reapers”

    Come November they’ll have no purpose, So I too would like to place at least one of them on Mrs Featherstone’s driveway. I’m sure the Editor of the Daily Mail would be also be a strong contender, but the first on my hit list would be the head of the AA Legal affairs Mr. Edmund King. I do hasten to add that this would be laying into the hands of the media, but it would definitely bring a rye smile to my face just to see what they’d do when there is no power of recourse. You can’t ring the Police “Sorry Sir, Civil Matter Civil problem” You can’t damage the vehicle and you can’t clamp it, tow it, or ticket it! As you don’t have access to the DVLA you might get the owners details but that doesn’t mean to say I need to move it or pay up. I can see me talking myself into doing just that, But this is not the way. If you can politely get them to see the light then so be it! If not then you want to hurt or Discredit an MP. Then you persuade them to do a complete U turn. And this can be obtained by Lobbying, Threatening the removal of funding, loss of Voters, and making everyone else aware of the Implications of getting it wrong.

    Discredit: “is ticketing the answer ? No! “Is a ban the answer ? No! “What else is there” Its Legislation I am working full bore with the BPA trying to give the house an alternative. By making all companies Licensed. Cap the release fee under a £100. Almost Ban towing away except in the extreme and only when you cannot relocate on site. Place the onus of scruples on the landlord and make them equally responsible for the actions of the service provider. Make it unlawful to say clamping is in operation when it isn’t. Use the BPA AOS to provide a code of practise and the SIA AOS to provide standards.

    Lobbying: I have meticulously copied and pasted every Member of parliaments email address’s (741 as some have 2) and a further members 237 from the house of lords. From parliament .co.uk. I am looking for members of the house who will present our argument in the commons and embarrass our right honourable friends, who are trying to bring this motion in via the back door named ‘The freedom bill’ I ask you!

    I intend to write to my 880 clients who have over 3,000 sites in almost 300 Towns and cities. Most of which are either housing associations, who have like The royal Borough of Kingston a former council estate which is on the doors of a University or Cambridge City council who suffers from shoppers parking on land that is considered industrial estate. Maybe Kidderminster General Hospital will tell you that revenue collection has trebled when threaten by clamping. Motorway Service station, retail parks and any around railway or tube stations which are abused by commuter’s that leave there car for the day, every day. You take away the threat of clamping and you will turn back the clock to the late eighties early nineties when you parked up, took a look around made up an excuse in your head (if you get caught) and then walked off only now we have twice as many cars.

    Most of my clients are large property owners and big financiers of local councils / local government. We need to approach these and get them either to retract funding or threaten to cross over the house. I also issue over 105,000 parking permits to businesses, housing associations and office staff alike, I intebnd to inform them that to take away the threat of wheel clamping Anarchy will pursue. When the implications are made clear then voters will indeed vote differently, Labour isn’t looking so bad after all David Milliband or Harriet Harman may be interested in a fight in November and we will provide ammunition as big as an H Bomb. Remember this is an hung parliament our actions could bring down the coalition. I’m sure we can get a few Discontented and Disillusioned Con and Lib Dems to sustain.

    Finally getting it wrong: My loss would prove to be substantial as I not only the owner of National clamps But I also invented and own the patent GB2251416 Which is the triangular Wheel-clamp that incorporates chains to retain the immobilisation device against the wheel. My franchisee’s immobilise almost 1,000 vehicles per month whilst my VI’s in training issue around 250 FPN’s Risking !50K to fight this ban in the European Courts is insignificant and i quite fancy doing it as I wads thinking of selling Nutty clumps anyway.

    I am retired and reasonably wealth off, not the abundant pile I would have liked but there again my release fee is kept to a minimum and is heavily subsidised by the selling of the warning signs around the proprietors car park. i.e. £30 per year per sign. The fee in 1989 was a mere £25 and successive increments have now brought the fee to what it is today of £80. I am just a singular part of a billion pound industry and remember I am just one of over 500 other companies. Should the government get this wrong WHICH they have by acting hastily. Compensation will be forth coming and this unfortunately will not come from the buggers who abuse car parks by fly parking it will be the tax payer the motorist etc.

    My legal team are very confident about the outcome and passionate in our quest.

    Trevor Whitehouse

  24. Fantastic news – for anyone often having to make visits to several different places of work with little idea of the time to be spent there and being pestered by these poor excuses for businesses.

    Far too long have the private parking companies used rogue letters mimicking official parking fines and their extortionate practices, using their mumbo jumbo in a method to dupe the hard working public.

    For instance take Excel parking – they don’t charge on exit from car parks, you have to buy a ticket on entering (if the machines working at all – which seems to be a very popular trend at the start of office hours). They capture everyones number by camera when leaving, and use this to get personal information from the DVLA. Definately if one organisation so small can request in excess of 50,000 peoples information in a year – something must also be done about these people too.
    Why not use your skills and talents, and instead of investing in this deceit of your neighbours – put it to some good valid use. Stop making a quick killing out from your misery ! they should all be ashamed.
    And the BPA – aren’t they just directed and set up by the people running the private parking scams anyway !

    A totally malicious practice – modelled for nothing more than lining a pocket or two. Renshaw-Smith (Excel parking – sole director) £500,000 last years income wasn’t it ? how’s that protecting someone elses private land or asset.

    Anyway lads doesn’t really matter now does it – cos it’s the law – you know the thing you’ve hidden behind for some long. Hope it’s nice served up cold eh it’s taken sometime.

    Well done the government – next thing the DVLA having to divulge our private information due to another RTA loophole maybe – let’s fix rip off Britain.

  25. @ ticket_victim

    So what you’d prefer is that all motorists park anywhere they feel like and if their pay & display ticket expires they can still leave their car stopping others from parking.

    How is it a landowners fault if you are running an errand and over run the time stated on your ticket? Buy a ticket with a longer expirey time.

    Yes, I agree, let’s end “rip off” Britain. But you are suggesting a Britain where you can park where you like for as long as you like. There needs to be a deterrent to stop selfish drivers. Our present government has not suggested a deterrent or even help with rogue car parkers who do not respect other peoples property. There should be a cap on the amount that can be charged from clamping, not do away with clamping all together.

    Our wonderful Lynne Featherstone said she did not understand clamping. That if a car was parked in a dangerous place then clamping the car in that dangerous place made no sense. Yes correct Lynne but now, with towing being made illegal, that car can be parked there for weeks and the land owner can do nothing about it. The police will just say that it’s private property and there’s nothing they can do. I guess now we’ll all have to call the police to say we suspect a bomb in that car for the police to move it.

    If Ms Featherstone doesn’t suggest something soon on how to get rid of cars once parked on our land. Then I can see certain people quietly coming forward to landowners offering, at a price, to remove the vehicle, no questions asked. That’s the grim future Ms Featherstone wants

  26. I can cast my mind back to 1989 when I formed my company. I knew it would be a winner because I was the biggest hypocrite in the world. I parked just about ever where and simply walked off. Woolworth, Fads, Magnets ELS all now gone bust. I had perhaps had a choice of maybe 15 different car parking facilities in Preston where I could park up and walk off! I also had sites in Blackburn, Blackpool, Lancaster and as far away as Manchester and Liverpool I can’t ever remember using a Pay& Display. That was for fools! Until one day I wanted some flowers. So I called into my local Florist ‘Margaret Mason’s’ in town centre Preston. I returned to find the exit was chained shut, even though I was in one of the shops. Unbeknown to me the car park was full of Students from the local polytechnic which is now the UCLI and although this was a car park which I constantly abused on this occasion I had due cause. The proprietor ‘Kent’ unlocked the exit after Apologising profusely, it was then and only then that I noted the errors of my ways. These poor business men paid for rates for a car park that wasn’t there’s, even their customers could use it, it was a nightmare owning it! Even though it bore a sign saying Wheel-Clamping in operation £5 release fee I knew it was just a Rockweiler with no teeth. Having spoken to the owners, heard their stories, it was only then that I appreciated the distress that I had caused!

    I sought council opinion, after all I didn’t want to be arrested for theft nor Blackmail, I learned about the laws of trespass, damage, damage feasant, tort ,Volenti non fit Injuria. Etc. and although I was a portrayer of empathy I also realised that the motorist needed the same compassion even though you must appreciates its not your land. So It strikes me no matter what we try to achieve, there will be those like me (at the time) cannot see the damages and upset I cause by parking my car where I shouldn’t or without permission.

    I’m sure that you’d be the first to complain if I parked my vehicles on your drive. And regardless of what you say I am not a bully or line my pockets more than any other chief exec in any other industry.

    PS Its because of ‘US’ ‘the poor excuses for business’s’ that you can actually make visits and park in multitudes of private car parks. After November Where are you going to park on the street, I think so! Because proprietors will shut car parks down to the public and use them for staff rather than pay colossal rates.

  27. so – you too would gladly request 50,000 plus drivers details per year to pursue an extortionately over charged invoice – get into partnership with some fictious debt collecting company and finalise with harrassing notes from some solicitor masquerading under using an almost identical legitimate legal companies name ? continously upping your claim as each member of your party send some un enforcable letter.

    Remind me again, I forget – what is you’re doing again a service to man kind ?

    you had it whilst it was good, I can’t see why your hurting from it, a lot of you made heaps of cash out of this opportunity for misery – you’re loophole is closed now … from my side good ridence to the whole fiasco. I doubt very much Ikea or PC world will close due to the change in this law.

    think on the positive side – you say you are giving a service – just think though, how well the NHS and other public services will run – no longer will people be wasting working hours writing defence letters, searching the internet forums on how to evade your charges or take time off with stress – but they’ll get on with their proper jobs.

    clamping some nurse in there duty stopping them treating 8 patients – let’s just prey it’s an end and that never happens to you or one of your family if there in need of medical attention.

    Have you visited CAG or money saving experts forum – there’s plenty of space for you to defend you actions on there.

  28. FAO Ticket_Victim

    For the record I actually own ANPR Ltd (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and will be launching several items Like ‘ANPR in a Box’ Which includes ‘Ring and Reg’ I believe there is a website up but not quite functioning yet. ‘Jumper’ which catches Motorists running red lights. ‘Cheater’ for petrol forecourt security and ‘Dodger’ which detects wanted or stolen vehicles, (DVLA cheats, insurance cheats etc). So I’m sure our paths may cross once again. Because you’ll presume I’m just a blood sucking leach and I should have no say in this world.

    Maybe just maybe one day my products will save lives but you won’t ever recognise that fact just what I earn in between. You just want to be free from any regime, do what you want, and call those who try hard to provide ‘a service’ that protects the aggrieved.

    I wonder why your so mad at Mr. Simon Renshaw-Smith, is it wealth or you got a ticket for not paying where you stayed. I know Simon From 20 years ago when I was the Vice-Chairman of the ABC (The Association of British Clampers (sorry I didn’t think that one up)) He is a genuine, hard working, honest guy. He hates the cowboys in this industry as much as I. So you can assume that I find it very difficult to believe you over him. There again that makes me as bad as Mrs Featherstone.

  29. Well done Lynne for taking the bull by the horns and announcing this ban on an industry which contained many characters straight out of the Wild West. The man in the street will warmly applaud this action. Keep up the good work.

  30. Perhaps someone would like to help these people out!

    NAME: xxxxxx daramola


    ENQUIRY: pls help me a neighbour from hell are parking their cars on our parking slot/driveway they are taking a micky- This is enough

    POSITION: director

    COMPANY: prixxxxxxxxxxxuse

    ADDRESS: 37 lincoln boulevard Grimsby

    POSTCODE: dnxxh

    TELEPHONE: 014xxxx0914


    EMAIL: prioxxxxxthouse@ntlworld.com

    SUBMIT22: Submit

    or this person

    NAME: John hogarth

    ENQUIRY_OPTION: Exiting Site

    ENQUIRY: I would like to know what service you will be able to offer us if Wheel clamping on private land is banned.Since your company became involved with Lune Square the illegal parking has stopped.Very worried for the future.Bin lorry cant get in again etc etc.

    POSITION: residents assocation

    COMPANY: Lxxxxquare Residents

    ADDRESS: Lxxxxxxquare
    Damside st


    TELEPHONE: 015xxxxx540

    OTHER: Yes


    EMAIL: john@hogxxxxxxxxet.co.uk

    SUBMIT22: Submit

    Both inquiry’s are today but its like this everyday

  31. The comment below is from a Lead Officer , from the Trading Standards Service


    Even as it might seem a done thing, I do think there is considerable merit in putting up a rear guard action in favour of clamping over, what I consider much worse, ticketing.

    We need to highlight the reality of how this operates and how this has caused greater problems to far more drivers than clamping ever targeted.

    The argument needs to be more cleverly put that clamping excesses could be dealt with more robustly leaving legitimate and fair protection of land owners rights more effectively retained.

    I am certainly not going to be sitting back and let the likes of some ticketing companies lick their lips in anticipation of a money bonanza. I certainly need to ensure that someone realises that legal enforcement with the possibility of action through the courts can actually be far worse and greatly more intimidating for the majority.

    Without seeing the proposals it is difficult to be clear how this is going to work. I honestly see a right dogs dinner of proposals which will not serve the interests of motorists or land owners.

    Thinking of some clever analogies to highlight the issues.

    How about taking away the cosh and giving the industry a stun gun. At least with the cosh its transparent and can be seen and dealt with when misused. The stun gun is the insidious ticket that will creep up and cause greater damage and cost to both motorist and the land owner.

  32. Well done Lynne for a very welcome and very overdue decision to banish these rogues one and for all. Please pay no heed to the naysayers who appear to have a vested interest in the retention of clamping. Your decision will be applauded by millions.

  33. So far the home office has not mad a comment at all/// why is that??? maybe because they know that they have dropped a big clanger this time, Whilst I respect we have a hung parliamant – the coalition goverment does appear to be going different ways, whilst I have to respect Lynne the entire policy is a pole of rubbish, so far i can see approx 75% of persons not in favour of the ban, so where do the actual figures come from, the poor person or victim (who chose to read the signs, park the car and walk off, taking a chance) who has been clamped and wants to shout the loudest and the majority of the time does not tell the truth.

    The coalition government say more powers will be given to the police to remove vehicles etc etc etc: – funny that especially when the Police including the Met are now making cutbacks and are now not recruiting full time officers.
    We dont have enough Police on the ground at the moment to deal with the increase in Crime, so how will they deal with vehicle parked incorrectly?
    So far most sectors have already been privatised, Custody duties, prisoner escorts, vehicle removals on public roads for traffic offences. However you will still be able to clamp vehicles on council run properties and roads, hmmmmmhhh is that because the money is going back into the councils pots and in turn back into the government pocket.

    Why is it that so far no response has been issued by the governement in particular Lynne, since the announcement of the ban, why has the PM himself not got involved after all he is overall in charge?? I have asked for a live TV debate with Lynne, no body is interested, it would be great to have the likes of Trevor and Simom who know the business inside out and are legitimate persons who run sensible companies.

    The government states that they have attempted to deal with rogue clamping persons? where? when? how? nothing has been done to tackle the rogue operatives, so that alone is not the truth, I dont think I have actually seen or heard any anything relevant and is of the truth since the announcement of the ban.

    Come on Lynne after all you are the Home Office Minister, after all I would presume you have a Duty of Care to at least response.

  34. Well done Lynne for taking the bull by the horns and announcing this ban on an industry which contained many characters straight out of the Wild West. The man in the street will warmly applaud this action. Keep up the good work

    I agree totally – a good move for us all.

  35. I can only agree with Ticket Victim / Man in the Street et al when they say that the rogue elements need to be curbed (no pun intended), however surely better regulation of the industry is what’s needed here?

    I am greatly concerned as to what will happen to owners (or lessors) of small car parks (often tennents of blocks of flats or renters of small shops / offices who have one or two allocated parking spaces – not just big fat wealthy landowners) when clamping is banned and the cost of installing a ticket barrier is prohibitive, ticketing unenforcable.

    I rent a small food orientated pub in a busy town centre where parking is very restricted. We rely very heavily on customers driving from out of town, and were it not for signs threatening clamping we would be in very real difficulty (NB to date we have never clamped anyone, as a warning note for those in too much of a hurry to read the signs is enough of a detterent). We work very hard (working week in excess of 90 hours not terribly unusual) as do our staff, and we make a modest living, but we employ lots of local staff, pay lots of taxes, use lots of local suppliers and put lots back into the local community.

    I fail to see how an outright ban could be better than a more regulated industry and those that advocate an outright ban must consider the impact it would have: difficulty parking legitimately; loss of local amenity; increased taxes for all when small businesses such as ours suffer financially.

  36. Unfortunately it’s the rouge element that has ruined it, and a distinct lack voice by what is now trying to be illustrated as a strong guiding hand appears to have done nothing to tame the rogue element.

    There’s too much wreckage in the passed for this to ever work again – too much bad publicity of clamping agents laughing at distraugt disabled drivers or demanding single mums to leave kids as collateral when they go off to the nearest cash machine.

    It is strange though whilst everyone is trying to be supportive, there is a real negative slant on the other option ticketing ? if that is the alternative – why doesn’t that work, do you not have faith in that system ?

  37. Good word Lynn. about time these bunch of thieves were put out of business. I would also like the goverment to investigate why the police supported these criminals in being allowed to illegally and unlawfully clamp a large number of vehicles – even when the clampers used threats and coercion the police just brush it off saying it is a civil matter. This should never happen again and the police should be given guidance that in any situation where it is possible that threats or coercion may take place that they must take approriate action.

    Well done for banning clamping. Glad i helped in voting the pathetic, marxist, dictatorship Labour party out of office. Now, we just need more restoration of our civil rights and liberties back to how they were in the early 90s.

  38. FAO SteveOD

    The Police have no powers as the ILLEGAL parking is on PRIVATE land. What Lynne has proposed to put into place is a means to dump cars on private land and the owner of that land cannot do anything about it.

    That could be your land as well SteveOD. Your driveway or car space for your flat (depending on where you live) your space for your work. Think about it, with no proper legislation anyone can park anywhere. The police will still be powerless, unless the parking is on council land or is dangerously parked. We will be facing a country of rusty old cars being dumped on landowners grounds, instead of taking these cars to a scrapyard, because the owners are lazy.

    I do agree with ending rogue clamping, it is long overdue. But this policy has not been thought out as there are absolutely NO POWERS for landowners now (and these include landowners that did clamp cars but were not cowboys about it). Please remember there are far more rogue car parkers, who will park anywhere they THINK is free to save a £1, then moan that they’ve been clamped because they ignored the signs and notices about clamping. There are a lot of these people who do this yet won’t admit it.

    We are all to quick to think about ourselves parking where we like now, but take time to think about the lesser elements of our society who WILL dump cars on other peoples land. With those “other people” having to deal with the cars somehow, as Ms Featherstone has not yet said what legally a landowner can do.

  39. FAO Joesy, (is this the correct)

    I find myself very reluctant answering your question about ticketing and why everyone has a bad opinion upon its use. I will explain, although I must say that this is playing into those who wish to park when they want, where they want, and with no cost or consequences.

    1.A vehicle Immobilisation device targets the driver whilst an FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) targets the ‘Registered Keeper’ There is no legislation and there never will be that states that the driver of a motor car must divulge the details of the driver at the time of the incident. (Human rights issues)

    2.You noticed that I called it a ‘Penalty’ The do-gooders had this removed 3 years ago and correctly pointed out that Fines and Penalties are consequences of a breach of statute of law. We’ve moved over by calling it a ‘Fixed Parking Notice’. And lost the right to threaten the Owner with court Action.

    3.If you receive anything in the post that doesn’t use the word Fine or penalty you could throw it in the bin. But there are ramifications

    4.We are prominently a ‘Wheel Clamping Company’ our VIs (Vehicle immobilisers) From acceptance at interview need training in VI BTEC Level 2, Conflict management level 2 and then apply for an SIA license. The SIA fidious as they are need to carry out a CRB (Criminal registration bureau) on all applications. The process takes approximately 4~5 months So we use Ticketer’s as Clamper’s in training.

    5.There are no rules, no regulations, only an ATA (Approved Trade Association) Such as the BPA who are indeed cleaning up the industry just like they tried with the Wheel clampers some ten years ago so we are back to square one.

    6.I and I must say; many others that have tried to clean up the industry, abided by these BPA guide lines, became training centres, members of the ATA ‘s work and developed code of practises, became ISO 9001 etc. Will leave the industry because all the former clamping cowboys are in the ticket industry because you don’t need an Sia license.

    7.Furthermore the Human being is traditionally lazy and puts things off for another day. In doing so with a ticket is madness as you can incur escalating charges. I know of at least 200 cases now, of normally law abiding motorists who have received CCJ’s (County Court Judgements)

    8.A Ticketing firm has the right to enforce their debt this can only be achieved by the use of bailiff’s. If ticketing is the answer then this is the only way of making it a success by enforcement to the endmost degree. Until public awareness and the threat becomes similar to where Vehicle immobilisation is today.

    9.I for one have threatened civil proceedings but never carried out that threat. Other reputable car park managers don’t either! But there are many that do and the result is vile and evil. I’m mortified when I see replies on this website who are in favour of a ban on clamps.

    10. We have one of the best return rates in the country using FPN This is because of our name and are ability to clamp you and collect the outstanding debt. I just done a refund for a clamp of £270 pounds The clamp release fee was just £80 the rest was of course was the costs of the FPN. Yet wheel clamping got the bad name.

    11. Normally or there about 42% take the early bird discount, a further 22% pay the £80 before the deadline . We then give the rest to a very reputable firm of debt collector’s who are in the ATA. They will pester you, track you down, threaten you with court action. Until you pay me the £120 plus their expenses. £400 plus is not uncommon.

    12. You will here ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) I own ANPR Ltd. Our OCR is unique and is specific to number plate recognition  unlike others. Its extremely cheap and It works in live video streams and not just the creation of a .JPEG. It detects a number plate and analyses it several times a milliseconds before forming a conclusion and it will also have a neural network to act as Artificial Intelligence. (Sales Spiel)

    13. So as good as it sounds and i’m as good as any other salesman I still need to go through the DVLA. (Who’s cost have escalated profusely) This is just a ‘Posh’ form of ticketing. The results are the same, pay up or its bailiffs on your door.

    14. Ok we have photographic evidence, even the drivers face using pattern recognition but you must go to court with both a solicitor and your witness ‘The Ticketer’ Who on earth do you think has to pay for all of this enforcement.

    15.Civilly, I have a right to charge up £120 for using a motor car to trespass , The BPA and the DVLA accept that. The new coalition can’t stop it either otherwise it is not constitutional and will not go through the house of lords. All reasonable cost in debt recovery is in addition.

    So as I’ve said on many occasions; “its the better the devil you know” “than the one you don’t!” I/We were almost there! A lot of hard work had been orchestrated by Alan Campbell the conservative MP for Tynemouth His proposed bill has been written, its has been sanctioned by all and it was to be presented in the ‘Crime and Securities bill where it should have been and not in ‘The Freedom Bill’ which ! well ! Says it all! There is a website he has taken the trouble to write to me http://www.myexpense.org. The letter is there for all to see. There is a comment from the Home Secretary and The lead officer from the trading Standards. The site is currently under construction. Starting with these hyper-links, The editorial will rap around these and make more sense later on.

    Trevor Whitehouse
    Chairman: National Clamps, 1989 ~Present Day

    You can email me on park@myexpense.org (I Think)

  40. @SteveOD

    Can we assume that you consider Cameron to be a raving fascist if you have somehow managed to conclude that the last Labour govt were a bunch of marxists?

    There is a big debate to be had still about civil liberties but Major/Thatcher’s may not be the best regimes to quote on police powers, public order, official secrecy, telephone tapping or the security services.

  41. Fascist, Marxist, a radical independent, entrepreneur, money grabbing moron. It doesn’t matter what you want to call me, because its all a little true. But right now we all have to be realistic. Put down the guns and ammo and see through the smoke and gun fire. I’ve always said “If you don’t like what I do I’ll soon go bust” The truth of the matter is I won’t, because there is always someone who roles the dice and takes the chance. Everyone of my signs carries an unequivocal message. ‘Warning’ parking your vehicle without permission from the proprietor or not abiding by the mitigating circumstances below will result in your car being immobilised.

    If only those that take a chance simply asked first, 95% of the proprietors would say yes or no but in a responsible manner. Its when you don’t abide by the rules by parking in Permit Holders spaces, parking on Hatched or Yellow lines, Disabled bays overstaying your welcome etc etc that really annoys them and drives them to despair.

    Many years ago I had several 50 pence stalls on Markets around the North west and each stall lost around £20 per day through theft. I simply placed a sign for all to see, Please do not risk being arrested for theft!’ I went on ‘If your need is so bad then the management has the authority to give you the said item, Simply ask!’. I saved £100 per day £30,000 per year. The moral of the story remove the taking of the chance, that stolen apple, make people aware of the error of their ways and sense will prevail. below is an extract which has been forwarded on to me from what is seemingly is a pensioner

    “I like many others let out a loud cheer when I heard the news ‘Wheel Clamping is to be banned’ Brilliant I thought! but I’m now having second thoughts! I wouldn’t park where I shouldn’t anyway, I never have and I’ve been driving over 50 years I’ve never had a parking ticket either. I did get done for 42 Mph in a 30 but at my age this was a result and a claim to fame, something to talk about if the truth be-known. I park at my hospital in disabled spaces, and at the Tesco and just about everywhere else. It wasn’t like this 10 years ago I’ll tell you, I’ve had many a scuffle. Now either the citizens of the UK have swallowed an overdose of manners or its them clampers that have brought some sort of law and order. Its probably the only thing that works. Who doesn’t want ID cards? criminals! who doesn’t want restrictions on border controls? Immigrants? You get my point!

    I had to laugh I wanted to use it be he wouldn’t allow me so it must remains anon. The fact is and remains are we suffering from a dose of propaganda

    If not then there are those who seek a ban are:

    1.Aggrieved at being clamped and feel unfairly treated
    2.An MP who is fed up of the complaints and can’t see a way forward.
    3.An allied industry who will benefit from this fall from grace
    4.The Media who benefits from the feeding frenzy
    5.The AA or the RAC Vote hunting; who try to represent the member motorist
    6.Those that are infuriated by the horror stories inflamed by the press.

    OK lets put me on the Spot, “Mr Whitehouse would you clamp an ambulance? The answer is not that easy and its horses for courses? Well lets imagine the worst scenario! A driver and his assistant park on a private car park in someone’s on some ones land and go across the road to the chippy, “Just where do you draw the line”. Is he a paramedic, is the vehicle rapid response, is he causing duress? where he’s parked, i.e outside a fire exit. The press in all fairness, listen to what you have to say an usually print your response in the last third of the editorial. The Headline is always going to be; Ambulance Clamped whilst on Duty”. The guys were buying lunch for god’s sake, so were they on duty, who was in the back , No-one because they wouldn’t have stopped. Where they on their dinner hour, of course.Have they a right to park there have they asked?

    We have the Olympics 2 years away. We’ll have multiples of tourists coming from Holland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Estonia etc on ferry’s through the chunnel. Will ticketing deter, no way! Can you chase foreign drivers with foreign registrations numbers. No! Will rental companies surrender details the answer is they don’t now and won’t in the future. Who cares. Is the threat of clamping provide good car management any better than ticketing?

    The police are to be granted more powers, What! You can’t get them to turn up for burglary these days or a simple petty mugging. I haven’t got the figures but massive amounts of crime go unreported because its deemed a waste of time. I’m not slagging the police, their so underfunded they can’t make ends meet. I’m also pointing out that more and more they are turning to civilians for help. You think the police have tow trucks well they don’t they use sub contractors and that’s what your trying to ban. I don’t tow I’ve mentioned that, I hate tickets and ticketing if any of these get bad press it is described by all as the ‘Private Clamping Companies, so we even guilty when we are not responsible. I am a self proclaimed good guy. There are many within the industry who turn to me for help, They see me as being one of the oldest, one of the largest, and most reputable with very little bad press, but there are many others of similar standing. I could pick them for you, given the chance.

    Finally I’m going make a few predictive headlines. Car Park Owner beaten to deaf by thugs. Stabbed to death over Parking. Police Ignores calls for help on car park. Shot to death over Parking ticket. Man commits suicide over parking penalty. ‘cheaper to park on roads than private land’

    Melodramatic we’ll see! Theirs more but I wonder whose listening and who cares

    Trevor Whitehouse
    Chairman and Founder National Clamps 1989 ~ Present Day

  42. @Trevor and other clamping supporters who seem to spend their whole time on this site doing themselves no favours

    You have no idea how ridiculous you sound. Naturally with any law there will be winners and losers. When you ban the invidious practice of clamping, which had largely become a vehicle for a type of legalised bullying and extortion, then clearly the clampers will lose. But nonsensical stories about parking chaos and repeated rants about the government and Lynne herself do not advance your case. It just paints you in a bad light and frankly as more than a bit desperate. Any rational person will realise that parking chaos will not ensue when clamping goes, and in fact this has been proven by the lack of any real impact in Scotland. There, despite big cities on a par with the rest of the UK and the same hopeless predictions of parking chaos we are now witnessing here, nothing really happened. Landowners who had a problem took steps to secure their land. The same will be the case in the rest of the UK.

    Regards Trevor’s point about who’s listening and who cares, I suspect Lynne has given up listening long ago to the rants and hysteria on here. And nobody would blame her. Nor have the vast majority of the public any sympathy for the clamping industry now that it faces the end. Landowners have not been storming the gates asking for the decision to be reversed, despite the attempts of clampers to whip up the issue.

  43. To the last 2 posters since my last comment:

    You can try and justify your stance on clamping as being a fair and just means of punishment, but is just extortion and theft in my view. As an example as to what clampers are involved and supporting:

    I have a large property that borders onto a park. Many children play football, frizby, rugby, tennis, etc on this park – on a daily basis during summer holidays. The balls and frizbys are often landing on my property and then the kids either just climb the wall, come through the gate to retreive their item that is “tresspassing” on my property, thereby tresspassing themselves. This is very annoying and irritating – similar to when cars are just parked on private property accoriding to you clampers. Now, the only recourse I have is to either lock the gate and maybe put up a higher wall at a cost to myself ( similar maybe to having to put up a barrier to control access to private land and car parks in order to stop access by cars – why don’t landowners who are so worried by parking do this instead of trying to extort hundreds of pounds by the way). So, if I follow the clampers reasoning, the next time some kid just tresspasses onto my land ( as I stated it is very irritating and inconveniencing ) I will just “clamp” that kid with handcuffs and will only return him/her to their owner(parent) once they pay me an extortianate amount of money. Call this fair and reasonable then Mr clampers!!! Is this legal? No, of course not, and what you do to peoples cars is exactly the same thing.


    To Trevor Whitehouse:
    Your comment:
    Who doesn’t want ID cards? criminals! who doesn’t want restrictions on border controls? Immigrants? You get my point!

    Well I for one don’t want ID cards. I am not a criminal, in fact never had a parking ticket or been clamped or towed. The labour goverment wanting ID cards is the exact same reason we are in this mess with clampers – the labour government didnt give one iota for civil liberties and so just allowed these clampers to continue extorting money from citizens, making demands with menace and in my opinion theft of vehicles. If you are not allowed to just take someones property ( eg a ball, kid, etc ) when it tresspasses on your land, then why a car? either prevent the tresspassing with barriers or use the law of tort to sue for tresspass. And the reasons why I wouldnt want ID cards are numerous such as cost, but mainly because they allow the unlimited control and monitoring of citizens – and I should know as I was in South Africa during apartheid when ID cards had to be carried at all times allowing countless methods to control and monitor – and those ID cards had nothing compared to what the labour government wanted..

    and more Mr Whitehouse:
    “The Headline is always going to be; Ambulance Clamped whilst on Duty”. The guys were buying lunch for god’s sake, so were they on duty, who was in the back , No-one because they wouldn’t have stopped. Where they on their dinner hour, of course.Have they a right to park there have they asked?”

    Well would you clamp a police car in the same circumstance, or what about the prime minister or home office ministers car while they are official duty? No you would not. You would be too scared of the consequences for yourself and your industry. So if you would not do this to them, then what right do you have to do this to any joe public’s car?

    “15.Civilly, I have a right to charge up £120 for using a motor car to trespass , The BPA and the DVLA accept that. The new coalition can’t stop it either otherwise it is not constitutional and will not go through the house of lords. All reasonable cost in debt recovery is in addition. ”

    Rubbish – there is NO RIGHT to charge up to £120. Typical of the private parkign companies – trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes. You only have the right for reasonable costs as per the law of tresspass – which is a tort – and as in most car parking places the notice boards, tickets, etc are all worded as “PENALTY” ( this is to try make them look more like an official PCN ), the only costs you can legally claim are damages for any loss suffered by the land owner. Thats all. Not a penny more. So if the land owner wants to charge £1 to park, and I dont pay that, then he can only sue in a civil court for the £1, not £120 ( anyway, who thumb sucked this amount up – I know some judge mentioned it in one judgement ) but that does not set any precedent.

    To Adam:
    “There is a big debate to be had still about civil liberties but Major/Thatcher’s may not be the best regimes to quote on police powers, public order, official secrecy, telephone tapping or the security services.”

    They may not have been 100% the best those days, but were still far better than the labour goverment who brought in over 3000 laws ( often with little debate in parliament ) and totally trashed the UKs civil liberties, freedoms and any chance that the UK is a proper democracy( ASBOs, detention without trial, torture of suspected terrorists, extradition treaty with the USA, clamping by thieves, fraudsters and cowboys, etc)

    Good riddance to the clampers( thieves and fraudsters ). Well done Lynn for banning the lot of them.

  44. @ Trevor

    You say:

    “I am a self proclaimed good guy. There are many within the industry who turn to me for help, They see me as being one of the oldest, one of the largest, and most reputable with very little bad press, but there are many others of similar standing. I could pick them for you, given the chance.”

    A previous poster said:

    “Trevor Whitehouse of National Clamps. Whiter than white and polishing his halo by the looks of things.

    20 minutes searching online reveals a somewhat different story.

    The same National Clamps that clamped an elderly man in his car when he was sitting in it? (BBC News website , April 2006)

    The same National Clamps whose spokesman at the time said:”It’s our job to catch people out, not inform them they have been caught out”?

    The same National Clamps that clamped trucker Brian Gooch while he was inside his cab watching TV soap Emmerdale? (Daily Express October 2009)

    The same National Clamps that clamped a Roadnight Logistics driver within two minutes and 56 seconds of stopping to take a phone call in a Coventry industrial estate? (Roadtransport.com, July 2008)

    The same National Clamps that clamped a Blackburn pharmacy driver when delivering vital drugs for cancer patients? (Lancashire Telegraph, March 2010)

    The same National Clamps who clamped a woman who was late back to her car because she was helping a friend whose child had had a fit and then refused to cancel the fee? (Wirral Globe, December 2008)

    The same National Clamps that clamped a man for being 12 SECONDS late back to his car in a Preston city centre car park? And then paid up when he sued? (Chorley Guardian, April 2010).

    The same National Clamps which clamped without authority on the public highway in Altrincham and was ordered by the Council to stop? (Messenger, June 2009)

    The same National Clamps that clamped Andy Lockwood when he had displayed a permit and then paid up when he sued? (Google Grassin Vidz and National Clamps for the full story)

    The same National Clamps that clamped Tracy Jones last week and drove her to a cashpoint to withdraw the money? (despite this sick practice specifically being highlighted by Lynne when announcing the ban) (Lancashire Evening Post, August 18th 2010)

    The same National Clamps that clamped a focus DIY delivery van on the Hardwick Retail Park after innocently delivering to it’s own store? (Kings Lynn Online, May 26, 2006)

    The same National Clamps that has targetted people shopping at the top of Faraday Road in Newbury FOR NOT VISITING THE STORES IN THE RIGHT ORDER? Where your clamper told Mrs Kate Bone that if she had visited Lidl first she would not have been clamped? (Newbury Today, June 2008)

    So come off it Mr Whitehouse, the holier-than-thou sanctimonious claptrap appeara a bit overdone. On the evidence of these stories as reported in the press, which may well be the tip of the iceberg for all we know, your company hardly seems any better than many of those whose activities led directly to the ban announced last week.”

    Any comment on that litany of excess, o self proclaimed saintly clamper?

  45. @sammy

    Well done for this post. Just goes to show what sort of people operate and run these clamping firms – Trevor seems to be a bit delusional and thinks he is a saint.

    Lucky it wasn’t me that National Clamps tried to clamp/tow-away. I would not even have bothered with sueing them – i would have made a principalled stand in most of these cases above and brought a private prosecution against the owner/directors and the operative for damage to property, demanding monies with menace, fraud, theft and anything else I could have used from the past couple of hundred years of legislation. Would have taken just one case with a sensible judge ( or even better a jury ) that were tired of this illegal activity.

  46. FAO steveod

    No you wouldn’t clamp children fetching a football, because they are not staying on your land all day. Rather like a car U-turning on our properties. These things happen. But say that child was to errect a tent on your land and stay there the night, would you not want some answers then (and I still don’t mean to “clamp” the child). You would be annoyed that they hadn’t asked you if it was OK to camp on your land. Same way that we get annoyed that people park on our lands but don’t ask if that’s OK.

    I am not in favour of clamping cars for profit (charging people £100’s of pounds is ridiculas and greedy). I am in favour of clamping cars for an amount of money to prove a lesson to a selfish driver that they are in the wrong.

    Why cannot these drivers ask first?

  47. FAO Martin Clark

    you state:
    “But say that child was to errect a tent on your land and stay there the night, would you not want some answers then (and I still don’t mean to “clamp” the child).”

    Why not clamp the child? in your eyes its ok to go around clamping things that dont belong to you. Why make any exceptions? Its either you are allowed legally to clamp anything thats on your property or you are not. Black and white.

    you also state:
    Why cannot these drivers ask first?

    Why should they? If you dont want people on your land, then enclose it or put up a barrier. You wouldnt just go around leaving your front door open on your house. That is the purpose of a front door after all – to keep uninvited guests out. On farms or estates where people have right to ramble, the areas that the farmers or land owners dont allow or want people to ramble they fence or cordon off. They don’t go about clamping or stealing their goods or the people themselves.

    Again, IF you don’t want people on your land whether walking or parking, then erect fences or barriers. Strange, how any other country I have visited round the world doesn’t allow this sort of clamping and towing and they seem to get by alright.