Wheel clamping on private land to be banned

Wheel clamping on private land (and towing away) is to be banned by the coalition government. We had a commitment to tackle rogue wheel clampers in the coalition agreement – and now we are able to take this forward.

It falls in my portfolio at the Home Office. Immobilisation has always had a track record of grief and misery. There cannot be an MP in the land who has not had constituents come to them who have been clamped ‘unfairly’. The complaints that have come in to the Home Office are tales of exorbitant fees, abusive behaviour, signage being invisible and so on.

In a recent adjournment debate I recall that examples were given of a disabled motorist being frog marched to a cash point in the middle of a freezing night to get cash to pay the release fee.

Of course, landowners have a right to stop people parking on their land – but no longer by clamping. In Scotland – where clamping was banned nearly twenty years ago (very successfully) landowners either protect their land by barrier methods or introduce ticketing.

Over time, everyone has tried to make this system work – but it just hasn’t. Individuals have had to be licensed – but that hasn’t stopped sharp practise. The latest thinking (before the ban) was to introduce an independent appeals authority – so that aggrieved motorist could appeal the fee etc. But that would cost £2million to set up and thereafter have to be funded by the public through the fees and just perpetuating a flawed system.

Cars that are parked dangerously on private land  – for example – blocking the entrance to a hospital or such like will be towed by the police. However, the police powers are for exceptional circumstances only.

This does need legislation and so it will be brought in as part of the Freedom Bill in November hopefully – and then come into force as soon after the passage of the Bill as possible.

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  1. @MattAllwrights Friend

    You know I have no time for Rogue Clampers, Rogue Policemen, Rogue Builders etc but all those people clamped were clamped for a reason


    Get off private land or suffer the consequences, if you think the ban on clamping etc is going to resolve this problem think again, it will just create NEW PROBLEMS.

  2. Well everyone guess what, it appears that Ms Featherstone got it completely wrong with the advice of the ban and for not consulting the industry or land owners.

    It looks like the ban may proceed but only after serious consultation with those who matter – yes, the landowner so for all of those out there – i told you so time and time again.

    Ms Featherstone, I ask will you be resigning over the big clanger that you dropped?? i dont think so she will probably ask for an increase in salary for wasting every ones time

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  4. Just needs a firm to start frequenting the cafe down West Road! Can’t miss it – Mark Stone’s Range Rover is normally to be found there !
    What a shame if it got damaged! The registration is BG58 RNV

  5. Having read all your thread Smallville, I think it stinks in more ways than one, however if the story is exactly as you state, regardless of what area of law your father covers in his job as a solicitor, I can see potential charges for;

    Obtaining Money with Menaces.
    Common or Actual Assault.
    Unlawful Detention.

    Your first action is to CANCEL the payment made by Credit Card, then call Southend Police and Trading Standards as LBS are already the subject of numerous investigations and under threat of having their licence revoked….

  6. Interesting Points for anyone dealing with LBS Enforcement:

    1. They have applied to Companies House to have the Company Struck off, however as they are still trading, unless they have lied to CH, they cannot strike off a trading company, so it appears they are going to do a runner…!

    2. They have filed NO ACCOUNTS at companies house since 2008.

    3. The address for Director Mark Stone is 1391 London Road Leigh on Sea SS9 2SA

    4. The Address for Director Mr. Boosey is 3 Westray Walk Wickford SS12 9LD

    5. Mr Boosey on the 17 Nov 2010 closed his company M Boosey Limited at Companies House…..

    Dodgy group of people or what….!

  7. I have sent a message to Companies House asking them not to strike off the company because if the limited company goes, so does all their liability for tax, vat etc.

    I have also given all their details to HMRC as well….

  8. So the Freedom Bill will allow anybody to park in my lane and I have no way of stopping them.
    Once again the sense of “entitlement” of the majority out weighs the rights of the minority.
    But then it always will whilst we have weak politician who are more interested in endearing them selves to the voters than standing up for the difference between wright and wrong.

  9. I think just want to woo the people and win their hearts. They really don’t wanna to let the people know what is right and what is wrong. I really hate Government for doing this!

  10. Vehicle immobiliser cowboy? Hope you will be beaten hard when you clamp someoes car. This is a legalised robbery in this shithole London and other shitholes. Some places they charge over £300 for releasing your car. Easycoming money. Hope they and all company members will spend that money for medecine. Fucking cowboy they dont know how hard earn our money, They are just hiding and jump on you ar as soon as you leave it and you are in a safe distance. Some of them do not even waitm put the bloddy clamp on in 10 sec. Hope they all die. motherfuckers

  11. My friend was clamped in Yeovil by an N Ellis 0230013508466189 but the clamp was not fitted correctly so he justpulled the clamp away and left it in the car park undamaged. According to the Sia web page Nigel Richardson 0230013561104205 appears to be the owner or representative of Souwest VI Ltd.

    Click to access sia_vi_network_notes_4.pdf

    Does anyone know if this is this the same Nigel Richardson

    Can anybody tell me if my friend can get into trouble for leaving a clamp that was not put on correctly.

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  14. clampers are just theives with badges high fees and very stupid little hitlers.
    banned them all one got punched in suffolk the other day, GOOD. they called
    the police and the police told me they won’t take any action against the
    man because of the way they were operating. thats one for us what an idiot he was aswell maybe because he was a very little man many more punching to you i hope idiot.
    If you are reading this m bennett ha ha ha ha i hope it hurt but you desevred it
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