Wheel clamping on private land to be banned

Wheel clamping on private land (and towing away) is to be banned by the coalition government. We had a commitment to tackle rogue wheel clampers in the coalition agreement – and now we are able to take this forward.

It falls in my portfolio at the Home Office. Immobilisation has always had a track record of grief and misery. There cannot be an MP in the land who has not had constituents come to them who have been clamped ‘unfairly’. The complaints that have come in to the Home Office are tales of exorbitant fees, abusive behaviour, signage being invisible and so on.

In a recent adjournment debate I recall that examples were given of a disabled motorist being frog marched to a cash point in the middle of a freezing night to get cash to pay the release fee.

Of course, landowners have a right to stop people parking on their land – but no longer by clamping. In Scotland – where clamping was banned nearly twenty years ago (very successfully) landowners either protect their land by barrier methods or introduce ticketing.

Over time, everyone has tried to make this system work – but it just hasn’t. Individuals have had to be licensed – but that hasn’t stopped sharp practise. The latest thinking (before the ban) was to introduce an independent appeals authority – so that aggrieved motorist could appeal the fee etc. But that would cost £2million to set up and thereafter have to be funded by the public through the fees and just perpetuating a flawed system.

Cars that are parked dangerously on private land  – for example – blocking the entrance to a hospital or such like will be towed by the police. However, the police powers are for exceptional circumstances only.

This does need legislation and so it will be brought in as part of the Freedom Bill in November hopefully – and then come into force as soon after the passage of the Bill as possible.

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  1. @Truespeak

    Please provide evidence of your claims – please don’t offer consumer forums for the following reasons;

    Many claims are false or grossly over expanded.
    Many claims are made using false names and identities.

    Lynne Featherstone is promoting equality – fair do’s, so let us have equality in law and allow private landowners to protect their property and licence/legislate to let us do that.

    Funny actually becase the MAJORITY of those firms that operate within the boundary of current legislation and guidelines are contracted to work with the Police, Local Authorities, the DVLA etc etc so are all the Anti-Clamping Lobby calling these companies Rogues as well?

  2. Val, who is the “we” that undertook this research, and where is it available for review?

  3. Clamper Cons

    No one is sticking up for LBS in fact the opposite and whilst you may not agree with the data protection laws the person going by the pseudonym Matt Allwrights Friend is in the wrong and whatever debate we may have; two wrongs do not make a right.

    It is for the Police and Trading Standards to bring a prosecution against LBS and if they are found guilty for the Courts to pass sentence – Not you or I.

    Lynne should be doing more and concentrating on bringing the guilty to justice instead of focusing on a Salem Witch Hunt …… This is 2010 not March 1st 1692.

  4. @ Val Resnick

    People come on to consumer forums to get advice when they have been wronged, in this case by clamping companies. Names, places, dates and details of what happened are routinely given. To suggest that people would just make up experiences is ridiculous. As ridiculous as expecting clamping companies to tell the truth about their “sham” appeal processes. With no possibility for independent audit any such claims are just nonsense. Anyone expecting the clampers to tell the truth and accept that there is no valid appeal mechanism and that appeals are routinely refused for no reason, is living in cloud cuckoo land. So come off it and get real, if you are going to offer up evidence make sure that its get some substance and is not frankly laughable.

  5. For: Val Resnick

    You make very good sense but I am afraid it is wasted on those who are letting their ignorance get in the way of education. These people are most probably the “rogue parkers”.

  6. @living in the real world
    I just pointed out that, as a very basic Internet search shows, the material released by Matt Allwrights Friend is already in the public domain and could not therefore involve any breach of the DPA, despite the claims you made to this effect.

    Nobody is conducting a witch hunt against clampers. They are going and the vast majority will applaud that but it is nothing personal. If they had conducted their businesses in a better manner this would not be happening. The forthcoming ban is simply the result of the government becoming sick and tired of hearing all the horror stories and deciding that regulation would never work. I agree with that, but it does not mean that I have a hatred for clampers.

  7. Truespeak

    The colour of a person’s skin or their religion does not make them bad people you need to less judgmental. That why it is important is that we have an Independent Appeals Tribunal.

  8. Clamper Cons

    I’m afraid that it is a witch hunt is you target people this way. I’m fully supportive of targeting rogue clampers, rogue parkers, rogue builders Rogue Members of Parliament…. THE LIST GOES ON, but what I do not support is victimisation

  9. Clamper Cons

    I don’t like what LBS did but equally I don’t like to see trial by media or political point scoring. It’s for the Police and Trading Standards to deal with rogue traders.

    The Government needs to make sure that statute gives the Police and Courts the powers to deal with rogue traders and those expenses fiddling Members of Parliament.

  10. Witchhunt/trial by media, ha, ha, ha. Best joke of the year. It seems that there is an altered reality going on here. Clampers have bullied and extorted for years with total impunity. Naturally their unreasonable and unlawful acts must be highlighted. The media would not be doing its job if it did not do so.

    It appears clear that the activities of LBS are the tip of a very large iceberg of criminality and rogue behaviour that permeates the entire clamping industry from top to bottom. The police have totally abrogated their role to defend the public from such crimes with such fundamentally wrong statements as “it’s a civil matter”. The SIA is worse than useless. Trading Standards in some areas such as the Midlands have had some impact but do not really have the resource to police the clampers activities. As a result the government did not have a great deal of choice but to ban the practice.

  11. LBS Enforcement are upstanding citizens!

    They use fake VAT numbers and have not paid any tax. They are late with their tax returns.

    They run around in vans with no TAX, MOT or insurance.

    They use blackmail to extort cash from their victims.

    Phone 999 and lie to the operators so waste police time.

    Steal from their victims’ cars

    Lock the scum up!

  12. 14 September 2010 at 5:28 pm

    You say that the Police do not have the resources to deal with rogue clampers. How the hell then are they going to deal with rogue parkers……..

  13. Matt Allwright’s friend
    14 September 2010 at 6:14 pm

    Is this hearsay or fact. If it is true with regards the criminal activities you should take your evidence to the Police.

    No one on this forum condones what LBS did so make a proper stand and take your evidence to the Police.

  14. we all agree that City watch and Lbs are in a league of their own but what about the rogue plumbers, electricians, builders, politicians, accountans and the list goes on, have they been forced out of business, No i dont think so.

    How many people on here complaining fall into one of these categories.

    Why not have a live tv debate for the pros and cons of wheelclamping, lets get the victims who have been clamped through their own ignorance, the home office and the land owners all together.

    last year the home office had a plan to implement a new polict re clamping policy but I have been told that that was the previous government so it doesnt matter??? so the cutbacks of the police service was implemented by the last government so why is that going ahead???

    How will the police cope when police forces are being cut bu up to 25% crime reduction will be a priority not the parking of cars on private land, so the land owner will be the user and then the councils as why pay on a pay and display when you can park on someoness land for free, where is the sense in it all.

    Why has the government minister not acknowledged anything at all regarding this ongoing matter??

  15. Lets be honest with eachother it appears that some people really have nothing better to do than slate an individuals chosen profession, if it is done correctly and in a professional manner what is the issue??

    Obviously everyone on here is an angel? not? I m not that bothered as I/we if a ban takes place will take the government to court and the probability is that we will win as we have done the right thing, got regulated and worked to standards, not broken any laws, do not charge excessive fees etc etc if it is taken away through no fault of our own, thats fine it will be a new exciting challenge. Again everyone forgets about the other rogue traders that do operate in almost every profession going. But hey that will probably make news another day.

    I am saddened by the response from some of the public it is rather sad, but, no, I wont be sharing a prison cell with anyone, we have done nothing wrong,

    Unfortunatlely a lot of people appear to be voicing their personal opinions of which do not appear to have any substance. It appears that the real facts just get ignored and only then everyone is tarnished with the same brush.

    Just think if clamping is banned then the criminality moves on to ticketing of which is welcomed by the government, then the ticket prices will go up to compensate the the loss of clamping ,the council parking fees go up and in a few years time the SIA will enforce licencing to all those who issue tickets, bit of a vicious circle really, so who will be the loser?

  16. oh I forgot to mention to Matt’s alledged friend, most persons pay for the release of a clamp with a credit card using their chip and pin number, we dont take telephone payments as a company policy, in order to help prevent credit card fraud as nine times out of ten the card owner would not be aware of any such transaction??? so how do you get a chargeback when you have personally entered your pin number on site and at the time, not going to happen is it? and you are slating wheelclampers when you are helping to assist with acts of a deceiptful manner, now thats not nice is it, but that is what we would expect, so we dont do it

  17. @wheelclamper

    Regards the court action, go ahead. It is your money after all. Your chance of success is close to zero but don’t let me put you off. The banning of clamping is a clear public protection issue. There is a need to protect the public from a practice which has become a form of legalised extortion. Contrary to the clampers opinions that it is just a small rogue element the bullying and extortion runs right through the industry from top to bottom, as is clear from the literally thousands of horror stories up and down the country.

    Regards ticketing I agree this is a dying scam, as is clear from the numbers of people coming on to consumer forums and being told quite rightly to ignore these unenforcable begging letters. This scam will die with public awareness. The very few ticketers that have tried court have been humiliated. So there will be no long term refuge in ticketing.

    It will be necessary for those landlords who have a real as opposed to an imagined or hyped problem with unauthorised parking to secure their land. How difficult can it be? Not very, as the experience on Scotland shows.

  18. Wheelclamper; “so how do you get a chargeback when you have personally entered your pin number on site and at the time, not going to happen is it?”

    Yes it is, if paid under duress. Because you have a intimidating skinhead thug clamper standing over you demanding this amount before your vehicle is released. Many chargebacks have already been successful on this basis.

  19. If you are a clamping company out there listen to “talk some sense” and don’t take credit cards

  20. I think I shall have to stop responding to the desperado’s on here, everyone seems to know a lot about nothing, no we dont only use skinheads (lol) we even have a team of female officers to deal with certain situations.

    Even in the messages being posted on here their is so much hatred, why, what have we done to you? or are you a victim of your own negligence I have to disagree ticketing can be a good source of income and if done correctly (like clamping) can be pursued correctly, what makes you think we cannot win the case in court, I know my job very very well and indeed a fair bit of the law! do you? do you know which laws may be used if and when we go to court?

    Judging by the content of the messages in here the only bullying going on is again the general person who does have not got a clue, if you saw the signs, read them, still parked your vehicle and walked off site, who’s fault is is that you gat clamped? you have shown no respect whatsoever for the land owner and his desire to park what he wants and when he/she wants on their respective land, what gives you the right to ignore the landowners wish – do not park 24 hour controled parking zone private property and so on, but you still park, still get clamped and shout out aloud afterwards as you got caught out!what gives you the right to abuse verbally and physically our staff, you dont have the right, fortunately we have intelligent staff who obey the law of the land 100%, not that it will make any difference to the minority as you have already made up your mind, I would like to know what you do for a living does it involve the public? do you have customer care skills?

    I reaslly am impressed at the level of the messages on here as it shows the true colours of a lot of people?

    Why state that we accept money under duress, absolutely nowhere does it say that on our receipts issued and it will never do, mind you I do accept a few people have looked on the intern, got a load of useless information, they have been wrongfully informed, then we get copy letters from various people all over the country where someone has sold them a template with the promise” this letter will redeem your parking charge – clamp fee etc etc etc, send me £40.00 now and I will tell you how, so who is the real villian here the clamper, parking attendant or the person selling and giving misleading information.

    You can get a lot of good info on the internet but a lot of it is an utter shambles, well who knows maybe the government may consider to ban users of the internet as it is bad for business lol, i think not.

    And then onto consumer forums – well what can I say do they really know that much about nothing, mind you the top banana on there seems to know just about everything and every profession going, do you really beleive it all or is the general public that naive.

    I would like to know what: talk some sense does for a living? or are you associated to consumer forums? if so I am not slating you whatever you do you do your job and we will quite happily do ours.

    Why is it that other subjects mentioned are completely ignored???????mmmhhh

  21. Wheelclamper; don’t make a monkey out of talk some sense. Why should you take all the credit, but then again he takes most of the credit himself.

  22. sorry guys and girls but your comments are well shall I say worthless, I was not making a monkey out of tak some sense, but it would be good if he or she would talk some sense.

    I am not hear to take the credit/ credit for what? doing my job correctly? not listening to poor advice? not taking telephone credit card payments? not using skinheads as enforcement agents? not hiding our signs? not charging excessive fees? not having an appeals proceedure? not having clearly marked vehicles? not having uniformed staff? not having an office? not having recently been audited by the trade association?

    what have we not done?

  23. again too much rubbish on here, you have the idiots using other peoples names, I am sure the Lynne Featherstone office has the facility to track down and prevent the abusers from using this site, lets all remember all pc’s have an IP address of which can be traced.

    I think this blog has served its purpose( or not) and I will formally aske Lynne Featherstone to monitorwhat and who along with thier identification is flagged up.

    It seems a few of us have hit a nerve with the stupid messages being put on here, an answer cannot be answered correctly or honestly, some idiots attempt to put other persons names and addresses on here, you are out of order. I ask do you have a family, kids etc? they might have been wrong but their is a way to do things properly, you have acted in a manner of what would be expected!

    going down to your level i do expect the stupid response that certain users have recently put on here.

    I must mention again that when facts are posted on here, true facts, they get ignored, why is that maybe because as previously mentioned you really have not got a clue and just wish to bully and torment your way forward, well guess what I am not intimidated at all it is so so childish and immature, lets be grown up put the facts and figures on here and stop the petty crap

    Ms Featherston and your entourage I ask, it is up to you to monitor and moderate this, mind you, it appears your office have not actually answered anything at all, apart from incite hatred amonts the anti clamping division, and this is a meant to be department that is running the government??????????????

  24. oh sorry guys and girls but food for thought.
    As the honourable MP and many others wish to pass the responsibility onto the land owner to erect gates etc etc etc. I have today met with a very well known housing association who have severe parking problems acroos the board on their numerous sites approximately 30,000 properties, we briefly discussed the possibility of a ban if and when it comes into effect.

    As mentioned by others the cost of installing barriers gates etc would be a vast amount of money of which the housing association could not afford to do, or if it was forced to do such, the inevitable would happen,???? yes, the cost would be passed on to the end user – you the paying tennant, yes, the rents would increase, so who would then be complaining that the rents had been put up through no fault of their own, but the coalition government on its daft decision to ban clamping, who of course would without a doubt lose votes for that one. after all who wants a hike in the payments when as the government keep on stating that we are in a recession and must make so many cutbacks and across the board.

    How many housing associations are their in england and wales???? thats a hell of a lot of rent increases and a whole lot more problems.

    Putting up gates and barriers is not a viable option, the cost, once gates are isntalled anyone can let in who they like, anyone can pass on an entry fob or token anyone can pass on a gate code, in a nutshell once you are in your are in, wheelclamping is effective enforcement, regulate the companies, cap the charges, REGULATE THE BUSINESS AND THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO WORK IN IT.

    The British Parking Association has expressed concern with Ms Featherston only a couple of days ago at the absence of any consultation on this issue. Althought the last government did a consultation on the issue they manifestly did not consult on the prospect of a total ban so it is therefore deemed as bad form to have failed to consult the industry on a total ban and this was made clear to her. can we have an answer to that one please Ms Featherstone!!

  25. Blah, blah, blah, Same old, same old. Clampers telling us that only the retention of clamping will work and no other solution is cost effective or practicable. Everybody can see that it is just special pleading by individuals who will rightly lose their ability to extort and bully. Clamping only benefits the clampers and no-one else. Many housing associations and others that have employed clampers have found out the hard way how they operate. Tenants clamped in their own spaces for not displaying a permit which the clamper knows they possess (and often while displaying a permit for that matter). Cars clamped for being a few inches over some illegible line. Visitors and delivery drivers clamped because of hidden or non existent signage.

    Regards consultation it says something that in the the previous consultation, the second most popular option (just behind the government’s heavily promoted and useless tighter regulation) was a total ban. The public felt that strongly about the issue. In my opinion the government has more than enough ammunition to ban this invidious practice on the grounds that it was clearly out of control and no amount of regulation could or would work.

    The decision is already made. Get over it and get on with your new professions.

  26. deat take a break surely it is time that you consider it, it is obviously annoying you the facts and figures.

    Again you only speak of the chosen few, the bad press, nothing at all, only on the bad press, and as for the housing associations how wrong can you be.you see we dont clamp for being over a line by a few inches, we dont clamp someone that is displaying valid perimt, we dont have hidden signs or excessive charges, so again i reiterate it is the chosen odd few who violate this but you anti clampers who have obviously had a bad experience, voice you opinion but to no avail, it has no substance.

    You see I dont have to blah blah blah because I am not intimidated or frustrated, yes if clamping fails, we have already set the ball rolling for bigger and better things regarding parking control, clamping is only effective enforcement to the ignorant persons who do as they like without regards to the private land owner.

    So if you had a plot of land that was regularly violated you are saying that you would not benefit by having hassle free parking for yourself , guests, clients, etc etc, well is that not a variation from the truth, how would you not benefit?

    When the ban happens if it does then we really get to work, banning clamping is only the tip of the iceberg for other things

    I see you have mentioned nothing about the rent increases, it thought so, because you wear blinkers and only see what you what when you want, well welcome to the real world and the vast rent increases lol

  27. 90% of the public or more support the ban. There is almost no support for these rip off merchants and almost everybody knows somebody who has been unfairly held to ransom by legalised goons. Even landowners, who clampers have been trying to get on board to vocally complain, have been deathly quiet. That is the reality. Naturally you would expect a clamper to tell you otherwise, when he has a vested financial interest in continuing this discredited practice.

    Rent increase because of this, I don’t think so. Just more hyped up nonsense that makes the clampers look desperate in these their last months. What happened in Scotland when they rightly banned clamping for being theft and extortion? Nothing, that’s what. Except a bunch of thick-necked chancers had to find alternative employment.

    But good to hear this clamper has something else lined up because he will need to. If it is ticketing then he should enjoy it while he can because the word is getting out that you can safely ignore these unenforceable begging letters.

  28. @All anti clamp posters

    If you can, just for one moment broaden your minds, please let me know what possible objections you would have to the following:

    The introduction of a government regulatory body: ie The British parking enforcement agency
    Companies paying an annual fee to obtain a license to trade
    Companies being thoroughly investigated before they are issued with a licence, including good trading history, any CCJs etc would stop them from obtaining a licence
    Robust rules, a set price for clamping and removal example £75.00 for clamp removal £150 for a tow away (charged separately)
    Transparent uniform appeals procedure with declined appellants allowed to appeal to the regulatory body
    uniform signage
    regular visits by the regulatory body to areas of operation
    A third party call centre for help and enquiries from the public
    any company failing to comply with pre-determined regulation struck off never to return
    A period of public education to the new system
    This is the only way forward, a blanket ban will not work, I have no interest financial or otherwise in the clamping industry but having ran a large clamping company for many years know the good that can be acheived.

  29. Tighter regulation would and never could never work. The vast majority of people at whom it would be aimed demonstrably have no respect for the rule of law and it would be very difficult to enforce against those individuals. Any regulator would spend their whole time trying to prevent the latest scam or breach of the rules dreamed up by these rip off merchants. The industry is about as unpoliceable as you can get, as the government quickly realised. As witness clamping companies routinely ignoring and hiding assets from court judgements, phoenixing etc. These are not the actions of legitimate businesses. Any regulator that is appointed would be little better than the SIA, toothless would be the kindest name for that useless outfit.

    When you have a bunch of people that are totally out of control and consider that they are above the law, having been wrongfully conditioned to think that way over many years by police and government inaction, then the only reasonable thing to do is to ban the whole practice. Licensing can work in some areas when the people at whom it is aimed are in the main law abiding. That is not the case with clamping in general, hence the ban is the best solution by far, although I would not expect an ex clamper to agree.

  30. @ Citizen

    I agree with the majority of your comments especially those regarding the SIA, but a robust regulatory body can work, it is very simple: each company applying for a licence must meet very strict pre determined criteria including enhanced CRB checks on directors and staff, the rules of enforcement aare then laid bare, breach them step outside of them and you lose the right to trade.

    Only when this happens and the public see it happening will they realise clamping can be a force for good.

  31. @ Nick Kenward

    Were you in any way connected with notorious clamping company ISTM?

  32. Let’s face it if clamping and towing is banned the Government can make millions of pounds by stealth taxing land and homeowners through the unnecessary sale of gates and barriers etc.

    By taking away the land and property owners’ right to protect their land cost effectively the revenue received in sales and tax through products which are unfit for purpose will boost the Government’s coffers and unlike clamping the Government body the DVLA can make a tidy profit from selling the public’s personal data to people with no qualifications in parking enforcement.

    These ticketing jobs can help boost the economy further since any Tom, Dick or Harry can be employed as you don’t have to have any CRB checks to which for two thousand pounds you can become instantly credited as a DVLA Trade Association Member.

    Nice little earner, by banning clamping the Government can stealth tax land and homeowners through the sale of goods that are not fit for purpose, make a tidy profit from the sale of DVLA data and provide jobs to those with criminal records.

  33. Lynne: True or False

    A person(s) who cannot obtain a Vehicle Immobilisers licence set up a ticketing company. He/She pays in the region of two thousand pound to the British Parking Association; sign a few papers to say that they agree to abide by a Code of Practice.

    They become instantly accredited and recognised by Government as a “DVLA Accredited Trade Association Member” and can buy our information from the Government regardless of the fact that they have not been CRB checked or indeed have any qualifications in parking enforcement on private land.

    Russian Roulette with the release of DVLA data rather than an Accredited Trade Association

  34. @ Nick Kenward

    You don’t appear to know much about corporate governance. There is no such thing as a “non financial Director”. As a Director of the business you are jointly responsible with your fellow Directors for the running of the company, including all its activities.

    For those who have never heard of it ISTM or IS Traffic Management Group Limited to give it its proper title was a notorious clamping operation that is infamous for clamping a hearse. I kid you not:


    The company that Nick ran also gained the uncoveted “Dick Turpin Award” for highway robbery. ISTM Group won the RAC Foundation Dick Turpin Award as the RAC Foundation received more complaints about them than any other company, and because the judges felt their habit of instant towing was totally unreasonable – in one case after a mere ten minutes and in other cases without ever attaching a clamp. Despite this, release fees were levied which included a charge for de-clamping as well as towing. Among its many notorious excesses were:

    An electrician who was clamped while legally parked to re-wire flats on an estate patrolled by ISTM. Despite having a permit on display ISTM employees towed his truck away. He was charged £554 and threatened with arrest.

    A senior citizen who had his car lifted for towing away after just ten minutes when he parked by mistake on land patrolled by ISTM. He was charged £334 to have the car lowered back onto the road.

    A motorist who came home from work to find that her car had been towed away by ISTM, who had put warning signs up after she had left for the office. She had to pay £365 to retrieve her car.

    A Bethnal Green motorist who was clamped in her own parking space because her tax disc was 36 hours out of date. The 81-year old motorist had been ill and was on her way to buy a new tax disc when she saw her car being clamped.

    A Shepherds Bush motorist who parked in a car park, left the vehicle and returned after a short time to find the towing lorry present. The signs warning that vehicles parking without permission would be clamped were hidden behind two large vans. She had to pay £365.00 to retrieve her car.

    I also understand that ISTM was wound up owing around £20,000 to the taxman. It then morphed into another entity and has since re-emerged in the guise of current notorious clamping outfit Citywatch. All of this information is publicly available on the Internet. A quick Google will reveal the disgusting horror stories about the latest incarnation.

    So, Nick Kenward I don’t think you are exactly the best person to lecture anyone about how the clamping industry could be regulated. Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

    Not the first time that a clamper has come on this forum pleading innocence only for their record to be unmasked as something entirely different. Proof once again that the clamping industry is pretty much rotten from top to bottom.

  35. @Interested

    I have nothiing to hide that is why I dont hide behind a Pseudonym on this forum, some of the cases you quote happened after I had left ISTM others I recognise and will say only this, All of the cases in which I was involved were properly investigated and found to have been carried out correctly. You make no mention of the 109 refunds issued in the period 2006-7 but that is half the problem the positives are never publicised, there are two sides to every story.

    It`s time to stop living in the past and look forward that is why clamping as it is and as it was should stop, but some form of clamping must remain.

  36. @ Nick Kenward

    You put your name out there, not anybody else. I choose to remain discreet, my choice alone. You proposed to tightly regulate clamping as an alternative to a total ban. People are therefore quite rightly entitled to look into your own background. The fact that you ran a company that is notorious in the annals of clamping is a valid piece of information that people are entitled to know. An ex-clamper saying that regulation can work when his former company was as rogue as rogue can be, absolutely despised and notorious. You surely can see how there might be a credibility gap there.

    In any event clampers and their sundry hangers on packing out this site need to realise that the end for them is nigh and rightly so. Look at the statements of the Minister on 14 September in the House when private car parks were discussed. There is no way out of this long overdue and very welcome ban and the sooner they get the message the better.

  37. @Interested

    Notorious or successful ? when you are one of the biggest operators you will always attract attention and in wheel clamping that is unfortunately only the negatives, its a sad reality that many people who were clamped correctly unfortunatelyjumped on the press bandwagon and spun lie after lie. I appeared on Watchdog and was presented with tree cases two of thoses cases shown were a tissue of lies, the other was refunded after the show because of nes evidence.

    Yes I am an ex clamper but one who has sat on numerous tenants associations and listened to the horror stories told by residents of people parking on their estates with no regard whatsoever. It is those residents who will suffer if this ill conceived ban is allowed
    One of the reasons I left the industry was because the government The AA the RAC would not listen to reason we asked for regulation we bemoaned the fact that the SIA was next to useless but it all fell on deaf ears.

    once again I will reittarate forget the past and look to the future, you are only fooling yourself if you think this ban is done and dusted

  38. @ Nick Kenward

    I think the record of ISTM speaks for itself. The fact that you would describe it as successful and not notorious says it all. Apparently the Watchdog programme you appear to be proud to have been on told how ISTM bosses had wound up a previous company owing £200,000 to the taxman before relaunching the same business under a new name. Is that true?

    I think we can see your true colours clearly and can well see why you would want to forget the past and look to the future. A person who ran a company that would clamp a hearse isn’t exactly on any high moral ground. Even the dead are shown no respect by clampers.

    Anyway if you think the ban is not a done deal (yeah right), what are you doing bleating on here? All you are doing is making yourself look desperate, especially as you claim that you are not even a clamper now. Why then does the ban bother you so much?

  39. To: Nick Kenward

    The likes of “Interested” do not want to see working legislation. They just look for excuses to justify their illegal parking and driving.

    You only have to look at the web content advising people how to get out motoring offences to see the lies that motorists tell.


    You are not going to resolve parking abuse by ticketing. I propose that an alliance is set up where we all buy a £50.00 unsightly but roadworthy, taxed jalopy and park them inconveniently bumper to bumper in the streets outside MP’s homes, the daily mail depot(s) so that they cannot get their news papers out and in Government hierarchy reserved parking spaces.

    We can all pay our own reduced parking ticket and let the Government have the pleasure of removing, storing and disposing of the vehicles. If the Government don’t like it they can install gates, barriers and posts, but we all know that not possible.

    The alliance should also target the driveways of MP’s, The AA etc to see how they like it.

  41. 1905: A group of motoring enthusiasts met at the Trocadero restaurant in London’s West End on 29 June to form the Automobile Association (the AA) – a body initially intended to help motorists avoid police speed traps.

    What about banning the AA

  42. Moderator

    I see that Lynne censors the freedom of speech when it comes to something that she finds unpalatable.

    I think that I will drop my inoffensive valid posting to the Times Newspaper for comment and let them know what I think about Lynne’s censoring policies

  43. Interested

    The DEAD: is that when the Government riffles through the pockets of the deceased and charges death duty to people so that they can live in the homes that their parents have already worked for and paid taxes on.

    1905: A group of motoring enthusiasts met at the Trocadero restaurant in London’s West End on 29 June to form the Automobile Association (the AA) – a body initially intended to help motorists avoid police speed traps.

    What about banning the AA

  44. It is clear this issue will always be one that causes heated debate and the furious nonsensical rants of a few that hide behind false identities, but lets look at the facts…

    1. Land Owners, especially residential ones need to protect their property.
    2. At this time the law permits reasonable force for them to do that.
    3. Clamping not unreasonable if legislation is correctly drawn up and enforced.
    4. Rogues have given the industry a bad name that can be recovered.
    5. Respect must be earned on both sides.

    Lynne, you have failed to answer so many serious questions I am beginning to feel this Coalition Government has no interest in the voters that put you all in office. With no consultation with the Public, Private Landowners or the Security Industry, do you really believe that leaving us with no protection of our land is fair, reasonable and the best way to deal with the problem?

    As many genuinely concerned posted have noted, including myself, I struggled to get my first mortgage and the more and more I look at this proposal, it stinks, I have neither the time, money, knowledge or skills to start putting ‘tickets’ on cars illegally parked in my space and our agents have advised that if (and only) if the Council give planning consent for gates to be erected, the only solution is electronic gates with pedestrian access as well for deliveries such as papers etc, the installation cost is around £15,000 plus the annual running costs of servicing and maintenance. As there are only 12 flats in my block this is an EXTRA £1,250 on my service charge bill (£890.00) this year plus the additional costs of the company obtaining the quotes, serving us all Section 20 Notices, collecting the money, managing the contract and then arranging a service contract… I simply cannot afford this, I will have to sell my flat and move back to my parents which would mean commuting by car or rail over 30 miles a day to get to work.