Wheel clamping on private land to be banned

Wheel clamping on private land (and towing away) is to be banned by the coalition government. We had a commitment to tackle rogue wheel clampers in the coalition agreement – and now we are able to take this forward.

It falls in my portfolio at the Home Office. Immobilisation has always had a track record of grief and misery. There cannot be an MP in the land who has not had constituents come to them who have been clamped ‘unfairly’. The complaints that have come in to the Home Office are tales of exorbitant fees, abusive behaviour, signage being invisible and so on.

In a recent adjournment debate I recall that examples were given of a disabled motorist being frog marched to a cash point in the middle of a freezing night to get cash to pay the release fee.

Of course, landowners have a right to stop people parking on their land – but no longer by clamping. In Scotland – where clamping was banned nearly twenty years ago (very successfully) landowners either protect their land by barrier methods or introduce ticketing.

Over time, everyone has tried to make this system work – but it just hasn’t. Individuals have had to be licensed – but that hasn’t stopped sharp practise. The latest thinking (before the ban) was to introduce an independent appeals authority – so that aggrieved motorist could appeal the fee etc. But that would cost £2million to set up and thereafter have to be funded by the public through the fees and just perpetuating a flawed system.

Cars that are parked dangerously on private land  – for example – blocking the entrance to a hospital or such like will be towed by the police. However, the police powers are for exceptional circumstances only.

This does need legislation and so it will be brought in as part of the Freedom Bill in November hopefully – and then come into force as soon after the passage of the Bill as possible.

0 thoughts on “Wheel clamping on private land to be banned

  1. Natalie

    Lynne’s party were not voted in they got a freebie lift on a passing wave and whilst protecting private land is very important I suppose that it’s better to let Lynne’s chew on a bone than give her something like Iraq.

    To be frank I don’t think that Lynne will be in power for long before she crashes and burns.

  2. @Natalie

    I notice that with your well worded and well thought argument the anti clamp mob has made no response, perhaps they realise at last that if this ill conceived ban is allowed it will be the residents who will suffer.

    Natalie it is up to residents and residents associations to oppose this ban, no one will listen to clamping companies or ex clampers, as I have have posted before gates posts etc do not work and this I know fron experience

  3. Nick

    I totally agree with you, it appears no one will listen until it is too late, ast week I met up with one of my biggest clients, they have a real issue on one estate alone in excess of 1500 flats, the cost of barriers and entry fob tokens tec will not be a cost they are willing and can afford to suffer, hence if it goes ahead they have stated the end user will suffer, not the abusive parker but the paying tenant as the rent will have to be increased to cover the costs.

    Much like yourself I have posted loads on hear but you only get the anti clamp brigade who cant wait to have a fee for all on the parking front and abuse the landowner without effective enforcement.

    I think we all agree Ms Featherstone has made an absolute mess up of this, however intererstingy I received notification in writing re the forthcoming ban and holding vehicles until payment is made, personally I think its great news as the idiot from the home office forget to mention in writing that you are allowed to clamp on council property and withold a vehicle until payment is made, a bit one sided is that but at least I now have the ammo in writing to pursue

  4. Soon to be ex clampers still at it I see. Bleating, whining and bitching. Like anyone owes them a living made off the backds of their hard working fellow citiozens. As if anyone will listen to a bunch of thieving scammers who are rightly facing the dole. For the first time in their worthless parastiic lives these knuckleheads will have to get off their very fat arses and do a job that does not involve demanding money with menaces. Bad news for them. Good news for the rest of society. And posting on here will not change things one iota.

  5. Up your mutton heads – I have always siad on here that I refuse to sink to your level, you have nothing other than negative remarks, we are all a bunck of knuckleheads who sit on out fat arses and demand money with menace, I dont think so. After all are you are a law abiding citizen who hides behind a name, cursing and blowing out loud, but can only blow out aloud the negative things, I wonder of you have ever had a bad experience received a threatening letter from your bank, the council, a contractor, the police etc etc etc of which can be perceived as demanding with menace or are you one of those who has been clamped who chose to ignore the request from the landowner because it was easier to park rather than pay a few pennies to park correctly, judging by the wording of your message quite clearly you have an attitude, trust me you are the minority who speak aloud but have no substance.

    The news for the rest of society is “I told you so” wait until your rent goes up or you cant park due to the lack of respect by the minority, your business suffers as your customers cant park and are forced to go elsewhere, again due to the ignorant few who think they are better and above the law.

  6. unfortunately my response “to up yours muttonheads” is no I dont think I will be joining you on the dole, but if so, it would be more unemployment, more compensation, more state handouts, more mortgages to pay, so I suppose getting my mortgage paid because the governement have effectively shut us down, without even the consideration of redundancy, may not be a bad option more mony coming out of the governments pot of which is already being abused, so who will be the loser???????????????????????

  7. I agree with up yours muttonheads (love the name). Clampers crying on here about the loss of their licence to thieve. As if anybody cares about the demise of these lowlife chancers. The public are 100% and foursquare behind this ban and only lament that it did not happen a long time ago. There is no discernible outcry from landowners, despite the pathetic attempts by clampers and hangers on to drum up hype and hysteria. Nobody will listen to clampers who clearly have a vested interest in being allowed to continue bullying and extorting. Therefore they might as well save their breath and expend their energies on something useful like getting a job that does not involve stealing from other people.

  8. Actually up your muttonheads, I do have a new career pretty much sorted out. I am going to join the circus. I have always fancied having a go as a trapeze artist.

  9. @muttonheads and @dodo clampers

    You are clearly illiterate or too thick to understand what is written, I am not a clamper, I live in a little flat on a development of flats and it is people like me that will suffer as a consequence of this Bill, not the professional or roque clampers.

    Do you not understand this will NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM because the ROGUES will just set themselves up ticket people instead and then the matter gets even worse with ESCULATING CHARGES when people don’t pay on time and as there currently is NO LEGISLATION governing private tickets you will be up shit creek without a padle as there will be NO APPEALS PROCEDURE in place and a County Court Judgement against you for non payment will do MORE DAMAGE to you and your ability to get credit or a mortgage will be affected.

    I will have to presume you are the type of people that cause this country to be the state it is in these days, the popes aide was CORRECT when he likened the UK to a Third World Country, because we have germinated a culture of ‘f*ck you mate, I am ok’, a culture of where idiots like you think you can do as you please with my property and probably drive around with no licence, no tax, no insurance so you don’t care… you are probably on ‘benefits’ and think that the state owes you a living for your council paid for luxury home, child tax credits etc, etc, etc

    I think they call you Labour Voters or Lib Dem Voters don’t they?

    You two are living proof this country is FINISHED, there is no pride in this country anymore and after I have finished my Law Degree, I will be seeking pastures new where the likes of you will be a figment of my imagination and my dim and distant past…..!

  10. yet again the stupid idiots are using others= persons names again but we all know who it is as he’s done it before, but the useless Blog on here does not monitor the users at all, as you say what can we expect from a lib dem who should not and was not voted in to power and government anyway, one that does not respond to anything because living in the real world is too much of a shock, so definately goodbye to this useless waste of space and the shambolic comments from the anti clamp brigade who also dont have a good word to say, so carry on in your sad pathetic world

  11. @Natalie Tonkins

    Hopefully you will learn something in your law degree about justice and fairness. It seems you spend your whole time defending clampers who commit all sorts of criminal offences – extortion, theft, demanding money with menaces, blackmail, the list goes on. Presumably you will become a criminal defence lawyer when you qualify so that you can defend more lowlife scum.

    @ wleelclamper

    Good luck with the circus. It should give you the thrills you seek without having to strongarm defenceless old ladies out of their pensions.

  12. @Natalie – You like mixing with criminals then?

    Clampers arrested over fraud allegations
    CLAMPERS from LBS Enforcement have been arrested on suspicion of fraud following allegations about incidents in Clacton.

    Two men were arrested in relation to clamping activity in the resort in May.

    Scores of people have been forced to pay huge fines to get their cars back after parking illegally on land patrolled by the firm.

    Some have been targeted while they were still in the vehicle.

    A police spokesman said: “Two men have been arrested on suspicion of fraud in relation to clamping in Clacton, a 40-year-old man from Leigh and a 54-year-old man from Southend.

    “They have been released on police bail pending further enquiries until October 24.”

    Full story in Thursday’s Clacton Gazette

    Lynne, Can the SIA suspend their licences?

  13. oh of course its just not wheelclampers that get arrested is it, what about Police officers, politicians, builders, cab drivers, accountants, electricians, bank workers, doormen, security guards, celebrities, dole bludgers, motorists,company directors, family and friends and the list goes on but because a wheelclamper does wrong we all have to sit up and shout, its a pile of rubbish, yes they did wrong but dont we all at one time or another, now all clampers have to be expected to be arrested because some moroon says so , man, get a life, not all operate in the same manner

  14. better still Lynn why cant you actuall monitor the thuggish behaviour on here or are these the sort of people you would expect to be getting a much needed vote on ? We have already asked our MP who was voted in to monitor your poor attempts with the anti wheel clamping batallion? I would laugh at it is it was not so wrong

  15. LBS just the tip of a very big iceberg of clamping criminality. This is why this legalised extortion and bullying has to go. The clampers and their hangers on here will tell you it is only rogues. Nothing could be fur6ther tfrom the truth. What LBS were doing is done by clampers every day up and down the country and it is only now that the ban is approaching that police are stepping in.

  16. @ Natalie

    One would have hoped that in your law degree they would have taught you about justice and fairness. Clearly not. You like to associate with the criminal element it seems, hence your fairly rabid support of the criminal enterprise that is clamping.

    Still not to worry, no doubt you can defend the clampers when they are jailed for continuing to clamp after the ban comes into force. Might be a lucrative bit of business for you given that you believe so deeply in the goodness of clamping.

  17. @Natalie

    I like your style. How about you and me making little clampers?

  18. Natalie the idiot above was not me, I am i fact wheelclamper but the idiot keeps on impersonating others, byt you can see that throught the texure of the message you can see they are not and do not talk any sense.

    Unfortunately I have lowered myself to thier sad level ino rder to protect my identity.

    Mat Allwrights frien now state the SIA are getting the boot? if only has the forgot that The SIA is run by the Home Office, if the anit brigade had half a brain maybe this site would be ok.

  19. @ Natalie

    I could be your “Mr Right”. I like the cut of your jib. Would you like to come back and see my tow truck in action?

  20. Dear oh Dear, it appears my last post certainly pulled a few WORMS out of the closet – being ‘a bird’ I eat worms for breakfast.

    I do associate with criminals, yes, as a trainee Barrister it is my sole purpose in life to ensure they get the punishment they deserve whether they are rogue clampers or rapists, it will make no difference to me when I get called to the Bar and start work with the Crown Prosecution Service!

    For all of you making offensive comments, you actually show yourselves to be the meaningless morons I suspected you were, you are not interested in having a sensible reasoned debate on this forum, in fact Lynne should close it and deal directly by e-mail with those of us that have a vested interest in finding a solution to deal with the problem of illegal parking.

    The REAL reason this ban is going to be put in place was EXPOSED last night on the news when it was revealed that the SIA is a useless piece of public servants wasting tax-payers money and NOT dealing with the issues such as Rogue Clampers and is to be ABOLISHED.

    The checks and training on individuals wanting to work in the Security Industry should be carried out by the Police and Armed Forces….!

  21. again the plonker MATT ALLRIGHT again impersonates everyone else on her, well I will say it out alound and on here for all to hear, if a ban comes into force, I dont care, I have a duty to fulfill my client obligations, so it is my suggestion that all of you wheelclampers get new contract signed by your clients with immediate effect, if your client the land owner wishes you to provide effective enforcement, my means of wheelclamping, then so be it, so long as it is done in a reasonable manner, unfortunately unlike some of the rogue traders.

    Then we can all purse the government when we all get sued for not fulfilling our contractual obligations to our client the land owner, we just pass it on down the line and then maybe some of the MP’s might not be getting as many votes as they require.

    However one major point is that Lynne Featherston has publicly mentioned that the industry was consulted prior to the ban being made public, oh how wrong can she be, now that is bad practice and I will put money on it that if the ban goes through she will lose her seat, I have also asked her, the home office and most of the major tv channels to take part in a live debate regarding the ban on wheelclamping for all to hear, get the land owners, housing associations, and major landowners to play a part, voice their opinion, then get the anti brigade to voice thiers and see where the truth is, the reasons why they are anti clamping? why they were clamped? and the reasons associated. We would all then be able to see live on TV just what the public want not just the minority who have an issue and think that we are all criminals, why do the press only pick up on the victim-the nurse- who was not working , was not on call, who should not have parked their in the first place??the disabled person who had a wheelchair in his car – but was walking fine without it- who did not have a valid disabled persson badge clearly on display?
    The mother who dropped her kids off at school knowing it is a private parking area and should not have parked their? why do people park on private land and ignore the signs? big question that one:-
    because it is easier?
    thought it would be more convenient?
    thought it would be cheaper than putting a few pennies in the meter?
    couldnt park on a double yellow as you would get a parking ticket?
    couldnt park outside the school because the camera CCTV car was there?
    I was only going to be a few minutes? so by what right do you have to park on someone elses property without thier consent – none – so if we all read the signs, showed respect for others and didnt park incorectly their would not be an issue would their?

    If the anti clamping brigade had spent tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds on property and want secure parking maybe their attitude would be somewhat different

    Above is just a few reasons of why you may park or get clamped, but it is your fault, you parked your car, you ignored the signs, you face the consequencies.

    as the anit- brigade sadly state we are all criminals already so “if you cant do the time dont do the crime”

    as mentioned by several persons on here already, “LOOK AND LISTEN” What right does the government have to state what a land owner can or cannot do on the land of which he or she has purchased,you have the freehold or leasehold you have the right to do as you so wish within reason Look at the LAW regarding the Law of Land and what rights you actually do have. As mentioned already by Natalie by what right do you have, in a nutshell I dont think you do, Natalie if you are a legal person please do resond to me or get in touch with Trevor he has my details.

    Yes, I cant wait for the backlash from the anti brigade, the sad impersonators,who as we already know are hinding behind false names and no doubt criminality, maybe they could not pass the SIA vetting criteria with their so perfect background, I dont think so, so lets give you all something to relayy moan about and put you rubbish comments on here.

    Will the CPS pursue a clamper for wheelclamping on private land when protecting the land owner? is it allowed but you dont one the land?

    Oh and I will be asking Lyne Featherstone formally to monitor this blog and may take legal action against the few who are so intense with their personal vendettas, so dont forget every computer leaves an IP adress that can be traced, so lets all grow up and stop the silly stuff now and try to be professional about it now

  22. Now this is really foord for thought you anti clamping bridgade are intent on having a go, what about the possibility of the shut down of the SIA who issue the licenses to wheelclampers, security guards, door supervisors, cctv operators, close protection officers and any other security related task.

    Hundreds of thousands have paid a licence fee of which is now £245.00 will the SIA or the Home Office be giving refunds for all those who have got the relevent licence but it may be useless, by closing down then we have not proceedure to keep out the criminal element of the security industry, once again, we will then have the criminal element working on the doors, doing the security and with the forthcoming Olympics only two years away their will be no validation of the staff, sounds a bit of a mess and a major security threat, but hey ho, the coalition government is intent in particular Mr Clegg of stripping the country of its Armed forces, Police and Support Officers, NHS, Civil Servants, controlling the banks, cutting back on the SIA (who vett and issue the relevant Security Industry Authority licences of which is self funding and not out of the tax payers pocket – licence holders have to pay for the courtesy of holding a licence) telling landowners what they can do on their land, and sending what little money we have or the county has borrowed to sent it oversees to increase the assistance for foreign aid.

    So I ask you if it were made criminal would Mr Clegg be found guilt?? after all he is stripping the country bit by bit in the interest of its deficit, So Ms Featherstone soon the ban on wheelclamping will be over as your boss has placed us in yet another fine mess, somewhat worse than the one you have put yourself in.

  23. You almost want to get the violins out. The same old combination of whinging, threats, insults and abuse from the clamper brigade. Their nasty little minds which have allowed them to rape and pillage for years cannot adjust to the new reality. It is almost as if they are living in a suspension of reality.

    Well here is the reality. The government can do what it likes and there is ample support and grounding for a total ban. The clampers had years to clean up their act and actually got worse by the month. They committed many, many crimes that went unprosecuted in a legalised form of bullying and extortion, aided and abetted by a weak government and a useless SIA. There will be no real problems when the ban comes into force, as there were none in Scotland. It is only the clampers who are whining and bleating, not the landowners who do not appear to care that they are finished. I suspect many landowners will be very glad to see the back of them.

    As to re-signing contracts and expecting compensation dream on. Look at what happened after the HIPs for home sales were abolished. A whole group of people who had paid substantial sums to be trained got nothing. The same will be the case for clampers, hard as they try to bully their way into a claim.

    That is the reality, not the rubbish that is spouted on here by a small bunch of clampers who have a direct financial interest in maintaining this discredited and extortionate practice. Wake up clampers and smell the roses. You are soon to be history. Get the CV polished up and maybe you can get a McJob if you are lucky.

  24. Interesting Natalie, you’ve actually made it to “trainee barrister” already without finishing your law degree. I didn’t know they accepted people onto the BVC before they’d even graduated these days. Unless you meant to spell it “Barista”? Is this why you manage to completely mis-state the law as it applies to private parking tickets?

    Also odd how you tend to a particular writing style shared with several other pro-clamping posters on this blog; interesting indeed.

  25. @ Phil

    Yes well spotted. At this rate of career progression “Natalie” will be a Supreme Court Judge before the day is out. Even makes the same spelling mistakes as some of the clampers. Curious. But then we already know they use multiple names on here. Who they think they are fooling is another matter. I’m sure Lynne has a good laugh now and then.

  26. interesting mR “NOT SO HAPPY CLAMPERS” nowyou have shown your identity lol, as you have a real issue with workers of Mcd’s are you one? that flips burgers all day? or do you indeed work at all?? probably not after the waffle that you put about, once again I stress that you must wear blinkers as you only see and hear what you want, you never respond to the true factual items, of which is somewhat re-assuring as at least we know where you stand, I ask and what did you do that got you into trouble recently????

    You see we dont whine and bleat as you do, we or I make a statement of fact of which if you dont like or cant answer it sensibly ,you ignore it, well mr ignorant, NO, THE COALITION CANT DO WHAT THEY LIKE, WHEN THEY LIKE, THEIR IS A PROCEEDURE TO FOLLOW OF WHICH HAS NOT BEEN DONE. tHEIR IS SUCH A THING AS PROTOCOL but why i am wasting my time telling you I dont know, mind you I presume you are not a land owner are you? so you wouldnt have a clue of how the Law of Land works. Now you slate the SIA as well but dont forget it is supposedly self funding, so why do you have an issue with them? did you have a licence revoked or refused??? just what do you know about contract Law? not much? so you see we all not thick wheelclampers as you think, some of us have other avenues of which we have pursued and quite successfully.

    You quote a weak government are you aware that the coalition is now at its weakest point as a government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is stripping the core away bit by bit, but you wont mind will you?

  27. @Phil

    Oh ye of little faith….. I already have a Batchelors Degree in Law (LLB), which allowed me to gain a position with a Chambers, however I am currently studying for my Masters Degree (LLM) at the London University as the Chambers are sponsoring me to undertake it because the BVC no longer exists, it is now the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) and the two can go hand in hand and are being offered by most Law Colleges and Chambers these days…

    As for the Law regarding the Ticketing of Vehicles on Private Land (as opposed to ticketing on private vehicles), their are guidelines set out by the BPA but there is no fit and proper regulation of this side of the business. They are in affect an ‘Invoice’. Whilst some operaters will make them look as closely as possible look like one issued by the Police or Local Authority, even down to refering to it as a ‘PCN’, it is not a fine and it is not governed in Law as it stands today.

    I am not a pro-clamper, I am one of the millions of people that will be affected by the ban. As a Trainee Barrister and Student, my income is at this time a pittance and I have neither the time or money to put tickets on cars that park in my space at my flat and neither do I have the money to pay the management company if they get planning permission to install barriers.

  28. Shirley Timpkins sorry to appear rude but we are all only too aware of the idiot using others names of which we all know who it is, dont we?, yes, I cant beleive you have the neck to try and move the truth when we all know who is playing on here and who is for real, but I guess this is the real world and the right of freedom of speach and all that baloney, unfortunately we all make a spelling mistake now and then as I said before dont forget all PC’s leave a calling card – the IP Adress so yes, I am sure Lyne will have a good laugh now as unfortunately as she does not seen to be doing anything else does she? perhaps she will have a great big laugh when your rent goes up and you cant park your car in your space.

    If Lynne had any oomph with this blog she or her team would be monitoring the rubbish users and contacting them, but despite several attempts to request this she or her team wont, why is that? because they think it makes good vibes for prospective voters, I kid you not, surelay not acting in a correct manner or dealing with the matter is an act of ignorance – I rest my case.

  29. May I politely suggest you actually look at my facebook profile or would you rather contact me directly at natalietonkins@hotmail.co.uk then once I have your correct name and ip address, we will see who is really who on here.

    Once again pertinent questions are ignored by the ignorant.

  30. More threats by the clampers and their hangers on. You have to expect this, after all that is how these thugs operate, by bullying and extortion. They think they can bully other posters on this site into submission. They are getting nowhere with Lynne or anyone else and need to cast around for someone to blame.

    Good luck with compiling IP addresses morons. I knew clampers were thick but I did not realise they were this thick. There will be a very limited number of jobs that they can do following this ban as having a thicker neck than your head is a rarely requested job qualification.

    Time for clampers to get real, get their heads out of the sand and start preparing for a clamp-free future. Rather than spending your whole time on a site getting nowhere.

  31. ok “who’s on first” again you change your user name, again you use the same old words and phrases of threats being made, where, when and to who? bully and extortion when and when on here just stating facts, how are we trying to bully others on this site into submission??????? you have a real issue you cannot and will not listen to reason of the facts and or the truth.

    I accept no one will get anywhere with Lynne as no one has and will not as she is as expected hiding behind closed doors and cant deal with the fact that she has make a great big clanger and will have to face the consequencies sooner or later.

    As for you comment of very limited, fella, I presuem you are a man! we dont all have thick necks, unlike yourself I dont sit on here getting no where I look ocassionaly and laugh at the watse of space that you write, cant you see you are looking an absolute idiot, in fact definately the minority and you are getting upset and getting no where it is frustrating you big time, yeh I kmake a few spelling mistakes but by wording seems so much more appropriate than yours, you only know bully, thick neck, extortion, mcD’s, thugs etc etc is that it// same old words , same old slanderous rubbish, again no facts no substance, so why not tell us all what you got into trouble for recently to show what kind of law abiding person you really are trying to pretend to be.

    This blog is laughable its a good job we are paying for it, Lynne you should be ashamed to allow it to happen, Nick do yourself a favour and shut it down it is doing none of you a favour and you certainly are not getting the backing of the public now, maybe you did at first, but by allowing it to continue you are just about losing all credability you may have had. By allowing the minority of idiots who attempt to swing the general opinion is not helping.

    So knucklehard, whos on first, the anti clamping brigade or whoever you will be calling yourself next time you are on here, what about the facts, what about the closure of The Sia? what about your rent increase? why did you get clamped? what about the reduction in The Police Force? what about the reduction in the armed forces, what about the reduction in The Nhs? Why are we or Nick Clegg stripping the county bit by bit and then increasing the aid to foreign countries? Whilst I appreciate it is nice to give, but get your own ship in order first before you attempt to fix someone elses, but you cant answer that can you because you dont have aclue you are fixated on bullies, thugs, extortion etc well look no further we now have coalition government that is stripping us blind, is that not a form of extortion and of a bullying nature, put the tax up on petrol and send it overseas to help others, not get the country in order, if you feel I am out of place then so be it, but what about the pensioners who fought in the wars and cannot afford to put the money in the meter, no increase in pensions, but sent money overseas, cut the armed forces and send the money overseas, cut each police service by at least 20% and send the money overseas, cut the NHS AND shut down the hospitals, thats what it looks like, so the ban on clamping is a trivial matter that wont happen as they cant do it, bad practice, bad Protocol
    Set up The SIA, set the standards, get companies and individuals to invest heavily, make everyone get a licence and then think about closing it down, is not even the consideration of that wrong or deemed as an act of deceipt and of a fraudulent manner, but as it is the Home office that ok is it??

  32. @who’s on first

    FW: Message sent via lynnefeatherstone.org
    FROM: public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

    Reference : T15157/10

    Thank you for your e-mail enquiry of 23/08/2010 11:15:12 AM

    A reply is attached.

    This email and any files transmitted with it are private and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed.
    If you have received this email in error please return it to the address it came from telling them it is not for you and then delete it from your system.
    This email message has been swept for computer viruses.


    This is a copy of an e-mail received by a member of a forum who has already raised the matter with the operator of this website who has passed the matter on to the relevant authorities – it seems some people will not be very anonymous for much longer – DUH!

  33. Dear oh dear, censorship is never the answer. People are entitled to their opinions even if you or I do not agree with them. When that stops being the case what you have is fascism.

  34. @ spectator

    Agreed, you’re not doing yourselves any favours by trying to gag anyone who dares to disagree with you. Its a free country after all. According to all surveys up to 90% of the general public is strongly opposed to clamping but that does not mean that clampers are not entitled to their views either.

    I saw this newspaper piece today which I think perfectly illustrates why clamping is being ended. The clampers ignored pleas from even the landowner in their determination to get the money. Faced with these type of cases being reported daily what was the government to do?


  35. @spectator

    This is not a matter of ‘gagging’ people, this is a matter of making those who make foul and offensive comments and remarks realise that there are consequences to their actions and I and others on this forum are trying to have a reasoned debate and those anti-clampers hiding behind fake names and e-mail addresses have slandered and offended and bullied half a dozen decent people that have given VALID reasons as to why the Ban would badly affect a certain class of people that need to protect their property.

    The owner of this website, Lynne Featherstone MP has failed to deal with this issue and failed to moderate the forum/debate at all and does not even bother to answer serious questions raised about the proposal.

    I have been contacted by five (5) people from this forum via my facebook account who will NOT post anything as they simply get abused and insulted, probably by one sad little low life who continually changes their name.

    The Anti-Clamping Lobby on this forum has yet to give one (1) valid reason why the ban should go ahead or one (1) valid alternative to clamping or towing away of vehicles.

    They cannot quote “It works in Scotland” because it does not. I have checked with MP’s from five (5) regions in Scotland and they have all stated that the right to Tow Away a Vehicle is NOT banned, it is used excessively since the ban on clamping and proves more expensive to the owner of the vehicle to get it back and it has also resulted in several court cases for Assault against the person. These MP’s will be voting AGAINST the ban if the opportunity arises for a democratic vote on this bill.

  36. @ Natalie

    Towing away is also to be banned so your argument does not stand up. There will be no possibility for clampers to simply move to this.

    I have been reading the debate and can see strong and passionate arguments on both sides. I can’t see the foul and offensive comments you refer to, other than the usual vigourous kickabout of forum/blog postings. I believe absolutely in free speech and hope that Lynne does not start to censor the posts from any side. The argument is lost when that happens. I am anti clamping but not rabidly so and see it more as a type of practice that over time has become abused to the point of the government having little choice but to step in. I suspect that will be the view of the vast majority of people who have never even heard of this site. The government has therefore a popular mandate to move forward with the ban.

  37. how is it the SIA and or Home Office allow clamping in Northern Ireland and on Local Authority land??

    This is what the SIA’s website states:
    Wheel Clamping Ban
    On 17 August 2010, the Government announced that wheel clamping on private land will be banned in England and Wales. The ban will be introduced in the Freedom Bill in November and will come into force after Royal Assent.

    Until the ban is in place, the current law applies: any person undertaking the licensable activities of a vehicle immobiliser must hold and display a valid SIA licence.

    Proposed Changes
    The following information is subject to Parliament passing the Bill.

    The ban will not apply to Northern Ireland.
    The ban will apply to private land only. It will not change existing traffic enforcement by local authorities and police on highways.
    The ban will also apply to towing away and all other forms of vehicle immobilisation. Once implemented, anyone who clamps (or otherwise immobilises) a vehicle or tows it away on private land without specific legal authority to do so will face criminal proceedings or civil sanctions.
    The ban will apply whether or not there is the intention to charge a release fee, though individuals will still be able to clamp or block in their own vehicles (for example, to prevent theft) and bailiffs with the lawful right to do so will still be able to clamp vehicles in lieu of outstanding debts.
    There will be very limited circumstances in which authority to remove vehicles will remain but this will only be where there is specific statutory authority. For example, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) will retain the legal authority to clamp or tow away vehicles as part of its work in combating evasion of Vehicle Excise Duty. The Vehicle and Operator Services Authority has similar powers to prevent the use of un-roadworthy vehicles on the road.

    The SIA currently licenses any individual immobilising vehicles on private land in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with a view to charging a release fee. It also requires the licensing of anyone involved in blocking in or towing away vehicles for the same purpose, and of those who collect the fee. This activity will cease in England and Wales once the ban is in place.

  38. It relates to the devolution settlement in Northern Ireland. The power sharing executive there has full devolved control and responsibility over these matters and so only it can follow the ban if it chooses. Scotland is the same, except Scotland banned clamping 18 years ago. Incidentally the Welsh assembly is to be given more legislative power so in the future it is possible that many laws made in Westminster may apply to England only.

    I would guess that local authority land is exempt because there is already heavy regulation of that sector including an independent statutory appeals mechanism that councils fully comply with and also due to the fact that councils rarely use clamping nowadays anyway.

  39. To Natalie Tonkins:

    Good for you and your efforts Natalie.

    I wonder why private land owners can’t just be allowed to use local authorities to patrol their land i.e. to clamp/tow away.

    This would surely appease all parties except of course the rogue clampers?