The momentum is still with Nick Clegg

Despite the best efforts of the right wing press, the fury of the Tories and the pressure that the outstanding performance of the first debate put on him – Nick still came out on top. General consensus shows Nick won the second Leaders’ debate as he tops three polls and comes second in two more.
After the first debate – you could feel the nation take a collective deep breath as a sense of freedom from the old political chains began to break through our rotten, unfair and corrupt political system.
Nick spoke directly to the people about the issues that really matter. And he drove home that critical message – reaching out to all from the TV screen into peoples’ homes to say ‘People are beginning to hope we can do something different this time. Don’t let anyone tell you this time it can’t be different: it can’.

It really can. And this time the nation knows it, feels it and wants it.

Guardian/ ICM: Nick Clegg: 33%, David Cameron: 29 %, Gordon Brown: 29%

Angus Reid: Nick Clegg 33%, David Cameron: 32%, Gordon Brown: 23%

ITV/ComRes: Nick Clegg 33%, David Cameron: 32%, Gordon Brown: 32%

Times/Populous: David Cameron: 37%, Nick Clegg: 36%, Gordon Brown: 27%

YouGov Instant reaction: David Cameron: 36%, Nick Clegg: 32%, Gordon Brown: 29%

0 thoughts on “The momentum is still with Nick Clegg

  1. Depends what you mean by “momentum”…

    DC has improved slightly, Clagg hasn’t gone back much, but GB has leapt around 10 points in all of the post debate polls.

    On that reading, Gordon Brown is the one on the move, which is the very definition of “momentum”.