Tory tantrums!

Well – the roar of rage by the Tory establishment was all over the right wing press this morning – and then some.

Clearly seeing their chance of gaining power slipping – they reckon their only hope is that old game of smear, smear and smear again.

Have they learned nothing from that first TV debate? 

When people saw the last debate they found Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats to be a refreshing and different alternative to the old abusive politics of yesterday.

And yet – the Tories seem to think that acting like children who have had a toy taken away by stamping their feet in a mammoth tantrum against the young upstart – will help them.  All they really do is demonstrate ever more clearly that they are yesterday’s political party and not fit to govern.

We need a really different sort of politics to change the atmosphere in this country to bring real change and real hope. That is what Nick Clegg embodied in the last debate – and what the nation responded to.

0 thoughts on “Tory tantrums!

  1. The second to last paragraph makes excellent reading.
    Do you still believe this Lynne?
    ….Or did you ever?