Comment on Sharon Shoesmith verdict

Lynne Featherstone, candidate for Hornsey and Wood Green, comments on the Sharon Shoesmith verdict:

“After what happened to Baby Peter, Sharon Shoesmith’s position was totally untenable – and rightly so.

“From this case we see further evidence that the culture of cover up and secrecy goes right to the top of the Labour government. Key facts have only come to light because of this court case, facts that the public are entitled to know. More than ever it shows the urgent need for a full public enquiry to ensure that we get to the bottom of the failure to protect Baby Peter.”

Nevres Kemal, Haringey Children’s Services whistleblower and Liberal Democrat candidate for Noel Park in Haringey, adds:

“I am standing for election against the Council who failed to protect Baby Pater and to help end the failure in Children’s Services.”

0 thoughts on “Comment on Sharon Shoesmith verdict

  1. My fear is that Haringey residents will end up funding any compensation paid to Shoesmith due to Haringey, her employer, failing to follow employment law in her case. She deserves nothing, morally, but in law will probably win her tribunal. How she lives with herself is another matter.
    Social Services for children needs a complete overhaul in Haringey

  2. Agreed but with Shoesmith and her lawyers try to appeal against her dismissal
    which was the right thing to do.
    I’d rather not pay a penny for her at all, council taxes etc.
    Surely the money should/could be used for new better children services
    and swept clean as well??

  3. i think the whole council should be shut down and the services put into the hand of social enterprise it would reduce cost but also make services more accountable