Paxman scares Brown and Cameron – but not our Nick Clegg!

Just read the Guardian piece on how both Gordon Brown and David Cameron have failed to respond to a Newsnight invitation to be interviewed by Jeremy Paxman. The deadline was today apparently.

Nick Clegg accepted straight off!

So – two of the three men who would be Prime Minister are obviously cowardy cowardy custards! Guess that leaves only one option then!

0 thoughts on “Paxman scares Brown and Cameron – but not our Nick Clegg!

  1. I hope the British voters understand the importance of this election. There is little room for error. Putting 10 Downing Street in the wrong hands could have disastrous consequences for Britain and for the rest of Europe.

    Gordon Brown is the obvious example that comes to mind. For someone who’s ambition always was to become Prime Minister, he’s made a awful hash of his one opportunity. To call him cowardly would be the understatement of this short century.

    David Cameron’s recycled Conservative ‘ideas’ hardly inspires any confidence.

    Anyone voting for Labour or the Conservatives must understand this, surely! So why do it?

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