Whittington A&E – story 30

Sheila’s story:
I have so many examples of when my family has needed an A&E hospital close at hand and frankly not for trivial reasons.

My eldest son stumbled, aged 5, into a rose branch which resulted in a deep cut millimetres from his eye – we rushed him to the Whittington A&E department and they dealt within him within minutes of this serious accident. He was terrified so having an A&E close at hand made a huge difference.

My husband is a diabetic and has been taken to the A&E department unconscious on several occasions over many years. He recently had a severe fit and the ambulance arrived within 5-10 minutes only because it was at the Whittington Hospital A&E having delivered a patient there. The ambulance was based in Enfield so imagine how long we would have waited had it not been there. It took almost an hour to completely revive him, including the use of oxygen.

I am very very unhappy to think we might not have a nearby A&E department. I have also been rushed to A&E at the Whittington with a severe allergic reaction and breathing difficulties about 10 years ago. I will never forget the feeling of distress and panic and the fact that we arrived at the hospital within minutes was hugely important. If we then factor in all the accidents and broken bones that my children and my friend’s and neighbour’s children have experienced as they grow up, it simply beggars belief that this vital hospital department is under threat.

Are they totally insane?