Liberal Democrats launch manifesto for Haringey

Manifesto launch with Robert Gorrie and Lynne FeatherstoneHaringey Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto, ‘A fresh start for Haringey’ for the upcoming local elections to be held on 6th May 2010.

The ambitious plan sets out six priority areas which Liberal Democrats believe will take Haringey Council from being the worst-run council in London under Labour towards a well-run borough where all residents have the opportunity to succeed and have their voices heard.

Building on the previous launch of their key pledges, the party that is just a handful of votes from winning control of Haringey Council has presented its plans in six key areas:

  • Putting child protection first
  • Making Haringey safer and cleaner
  • Giving more power to residents
  • Spending money well
  • Action on the environment
  • Creating a fairer Haringey

Cllr Robert Gorrie, leader of Haringey Liberal Democrats, comments:

“We have set out today our positive vision for change in Haringey. Our energetic team has the new ideas, ambition and experience to steer the  borough away from the failure that residents have endured during 40 years of Labour.

“The residents of Haringey deserve better than the worst-run council in London they currently have under Labour. This is why we have set out clear priorities that will improve our Children’s Services, make Haringey safer and cleaner, give more power to residents, whilst also spending their money better, taking real action on the environment and creating a fairer Haringey.

“With the Conservatives out of the race, its going to be a close campaign between the Liberal Democrats and Labour. The Liberal Democrats have the team that will change Haringey for the better, and give it the fresh start it needs.”

Lynne Featherstone MP adds:

“Local people have for too long had to put up with failure after failure by Haringey Council. I am proud that we have a Liberal Democrat team ready and able to hit the ground running on day one, to turn Haringey Council around. I am confident that they have the vision, talent and experience to put their ambitious plans into action.”

You can read the full manifesto here.

0 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats launch manifesto for Haringey

  1. Please stop going on about how “the Conservatives can’t win here”. It feels cynical and grubby and it frankly makes me reluctant to vote for anyone at all.

  2. In my experience, Lynne Featherstone is the only politician I have come across who is to be seen not only at Election Time but throughout the period between elections….and who is not only SEEN but is actually DOING things for the benefit of the community throughout that period too. Thank you and please keep up your good work.

  3. I have never voted Lib Dems but I have needed to contact Lynne Featherstone a few times re/ local issues, and she has ALWAYS responded speedily and been of help. She keeps in contact regularly and tells me what shes doing and what shes currently fighting for. Ive come to really respect her.

    I will be voting for her, I will also vote for Cara the local MP, as she says she wants to make BOunds Green Road less like a ghetto, with the uncared for none grassy verges and unsafe pavements,and dreadful footbridge.

    Dont let us down Lib Dems, I will be back to remind you in 6 months if these things are not done!! Good luck…….but you dont really need it!

    There is a chance that you could win you know….Now everyone do your bit and PLEASE VOTE!!

  4. I originally signed up to your campaign about the proposed closure of A & E at the North Middlesex Hospital, which is my local A & E, since then I have received emails about the Whittington Hospital. I have have had no further information on The North Middlesex Hospital campaign. I am pleased that The Whittington A & E has been saved. but what about the North Middlesex Hospital?

  5. Not one of the leaders would admit how big the deficit is because they know that to do so will spoil their chances of winning. However, whoever gets voted in has to deal with 13 years of Labour spending, and to reduce this deficit every person in this country is going to have to pay to reduce it, and the Party who tackles this will be blamed for decades. Force Labour to admit the mess we are in, and tell us who is going to pay to “ring fence Schools,the NHS etc”. We can not do so without big cuts. Let us all face up to the truth!!!

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