Writing about Iain Dale’s bid to become PPC for Bracknell the Daily Mail has resorted to its usual approach to those it disapproves of. ‘Isn’t it charming how homosexuals rally like-minded chaps to their cause’ is one of the homophobic remarks made by the Daily Mail in guise of Ephraim Hardcastle . Of course – this is free speech and the Mail can say it – but Iain Dale is quite right to hit back and show the remark up for what it is – homophobia.

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  1. This sort of thing can so easily lead to harassment.
    So why does the Equality Bill deny Gay people protection against this? Protection is offered in the Bill on the grounds of race, gender and disability, so why not for Sexual Orientation?

  2. David – read Hansard during the Committee stage and you will see a full explanation of the Government’s arguments for excluding harassment from the Bill explicitly. My LibDem colleague tabled amendments to bring it into the Bill. Labour said it would be covered by direct discrimination legislation. Sadly Stonewall supports the GOvernment position. But we LibDems do not see why sexual orientation should have any lesser protection than the other ‘strands’. Please look it up – as I can’t re-write all the arguments here. And – given we are the only party fighting for equal rights on this – please do write to the Government to Harriet Harman or Vera Baird – as it is they who refuse to put it in the Bill.

  3. I just so wanted to find a site where I could “vent off” One of my son’s is gay, “yeah, so what?” Exactley! When my son (unbeknown to me at the time) was “threatened” by his uncle (by the throat, up against the wall) with the words ” I don’t want you near my son, incase he “catches” it”. It really makes me wonder what kind of ignorant BASTARDS there are in the world, bearing in mind, this was a FAMILY member. Well…………… to all the ignorant BASTARDS out there…………. I love my son, and I’m very proud of him………….. and always will be. From a very devoted Mum, with much love xxx

  4. Suzanne – anytime you need to rant on my blog – you are more than welcome. What an ignorant bastard – as you say. I hope your son sees your blog post – ‘cos he would undoubtedly be very proud of you too! L x

  5. Hi Lynn, thankyou so much for that. My son has seen the post, as he came to visit this afternoon and I showed him. He was very touched both by my post and your reply. He said that was so nice of you. Thankyou once again Lynn from the bottom of my heart. Sue x