Labour don't care about Finsbury Park residents

A Haringey Labour councillor hasn’t attended the local regeneration board that she is on for nearly two years. Obviously not all councillors can be at every meeting they should be at for reasons of clashes or other commitments – but for a local councillor not to attend a single meeting for nearly two years of such a vital local Board as FinFuture – which is all about improving the Finsbury Park area – is a dereliction of duty and shows exactly how little importance Labour attach to improving the Finsbury Park area.

The local Liberal Democrat councillors say that Cllr Gina Adamou should step down as Labour clearly don’t care about improving the area and should make way for a local Liberal Democrat councillor who does!

Figures show that since 2007 Cllr Adamou has only attended four of the twenty board meetings that have taken place. Morevover this news comes on top of the announcement from Haringey Council earlier this year that they would scrap funding to improve the area.