Sudan arrests

I am contacting David Miliband to ask him to make urgent representations to Sudan about the arrest of 51 women activists in front of the court in Khartoum this morning. This is completely unacceptable. According to an email forwarded to me three of those women have been injured and had to be taken to hospital.

And what were these activists protesting about? The trial of Lubna Hussein. Lubna Hussein is a Sudanese woman faces a flogging and lashes for wearing trousers. She resigned her UN job which would have afforded her immunity so that she could fight for Sudanese women’s human rights.

The Times has a fuller version:

I suggest anyone reading this should email David Miliband immediately to call for the release of the 51 women and the ending of such archaic and repressive laws.

0 thoughts on “Sudan arrests

  1. Sharia law is just evil. Anyone who thinks sharia law is ok seriously needs their head examined.

    I hope sharia law CEASES to exist.

  2. You should do something about the bans on protest here before passing judgement on other countries. How can Milliband say anything given the way our own corrupt politicians continually crack down on civil liberties here?