Recycling batteries should be made easy!

It’s a real problem. You know when you change batteries that you need to recycle the old ones and that you mustn’t put them in with the ordinary rubbish because they are hazardous – but there’s nowhere convenient in Haringey to do the right thing!

So my Liberal Democrat Haringey councillor colleague, Bob Hare (inveterate campaigner on all matters environmental) and I got together to illustrate our point.

In a bid to make it easier for local residents to recycle their household batteries, we local Liberal Democrats have called on Haringey Council to increase the number of battery recycling points in the borough.

Currently, residents can only recycle their batteries at Haringey Council’s two recycling centres – in Hornsey or Tottenham. In contrast, several local authorities across the country run successful schemes that give residents the opportunity to recycle their batteries in special battery recycling points on the streets or in local shops and libraries.

Why is Haringey Labour Council so bad at everything? The clue is in the phrase ‘Haringey Labour Council’!

0 thoughts on “Recycling batteries should be made easy!

  1. I assume you were aware of this problem and tried to do something about it while you were on the council?

  2. You did not mention weekly recycling collections on the doorstep. Does Haringey not collect batteries through that route? Maybe Haringey doesn’t have sorting of recycled materials when loading onto the vehicle…

  3. Ben – one of the reasons I and two LibDem colleagues were elected to Haringey Council in ’98 (first LibDem group ever) was because of our campaign to have door to door recycling – everywhere. This was 1998 and so the beginning really. Since then, plastics, two green boxes not just the one offered by Haringey, and many other campaigns on recycling have been brought forward by the LibDem group on the council. Batteries – are our current focus as Haringey Labour Council don’t seem to want to be bothered – and so many other councils are making it easy. So – your pointed question is really answered by the history and advent of recycling in this borough.