Local Liberal Democrats call for better battery recycling in Haringey

In a bid to make it easier for local residents to recycle their household batteries, local Liberal Democrats have today called on Haringey Council to increase the number of battery recycling points in the borough.

Currently, residents can only recycle their batteries at Haringey Council’s two recycling centres – in Hornsey or Tottenham. In contrast, several local authorities across the country run successful schemes that give residents the opportunity to recycle their batteries in special battery recycling points on the streets or in local shops.

Lynne Featherstone MP and Liberal Democrat Green spokesperson Cllr Bob Hare, are today calling on Haringey Council to look at innovative options that will make it easier for residents to recycle their batteries instead of throwing them in the normal rubbish.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

‘Batteries, especially if old or broken, can be very dangerous to people and the planet. Throwing them away with the normal rubbish sadly means they end up on the landfill, with potentially very worrying long-term consequences.

‘Recycling needs to be easy and accessible – we all want to do our bit for the planet – but if that means driving half-way across Haringey to recycle our batteries, many may feel it is not worth the extra effort or the extra carbon foot-print.

‘That’s why we are calling on Haringey Council to look at options to help residents make the green choice when it comes to disposing of old batteries.’

Cllr Bob Hare adds:

‘I hope Haringey Council will take a good hard look at the many innovative and simple options out there that will make it easy for residents to recycle their batteries, either by dropping them off in battery points on their street, at their local library or shop.’

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  1. In Bristol, many types of materials being recycled are sorted as they are loaded onto the truck that picks them up at the roadside outside your house (the truck has a whole set of bins and cages), and batteries are one of the categories accepted by the sorters. Other materials (such as plastic bottles) can be taken to your nearest recycling point (e.g. supermarket car park), but there are yet others that you must take to a depot (e.g. electrical items, paint, hazardous chemicals).