Labour do not care about Finsbury Park residents say Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats have demanded that a Labour councillor stand down from a local regeneration board after it was revealed that the councillor has not attended for nearly two years.

Cllr Gina Adamou, who is councillor for Harringay ward, has not attended a meeting of the FinFuture board, which aims to improve the Finsbury Park area, since early 2008. This has prompted local Liberal Democrats to say that Labour do not care about improving the area and that she should make way for a Liberal Democrat councillor to attend the meetings.

Figures show that since 2007 Cllr Adamou has only attended four of the twenty board meetings that have taken place. This news comes on top of the announcement from Haringey Council earlier this year that they would scrap funding to improve the area.

Cllr Richard Wilson (Stroud Green) comments:

‘It clear that Labour does not care about the Finsbury Park area. It is time that Cllr Adamou stood down from the FinFuture board and let a Liberal Democrat stand up for the residents of the Finsbury Park area.

‘The area around Finsbury Park is used by thousands of Haringey residents, and is in desperate need of regeneration. It beggars belief that Labour thinks that this is such a low priority.’

Lynne Featherstone MP adds:

‘In June this year Labour pulled funding for anti-dumping officers for streets around Finsbury Park. Now we have a Labour councillor who is either unable or unwilling to be Haringey’s voice on an organisation that helps to regenerate the local area. This is totally unacceptable and a symptom of Labour’s neglect in this area.’


In June 2009 it was revealed in a message from the Chief Executive of FinFuture that despite problems with fly-tipping, littering and graffiti in the area, Haringey Council has ceased funding that funding for two environmental officers from 1st April 2009. Hackney and Islington Councils, who also support Finfutures financially, continues to fund one officer.

Full details of Cllr Admaou’s attendance at FinFuture board meetings:

  • In 2007/08 there were 13 Board Meetings, of which, Cllr Adamou attended 4
  • In 2008/09 there were 6 Board Meetings, of which, Cllr. Adamou attended 0
  • In 2009/10 there has been one scheduled Board Meeting so far and Cllr Adamou gave her apologies.