Evelyn Boyd Granville: my nomination for Ada Lovelace Day

For my Ada Lovelace pledge – to highlight a woman in technology whom I admire – I’m going for Evelyn Boyd Granville. To get your doctorate at Yale becoming one of the first African American woman to earn a Ph.D in mathematics; to do so at such an Ivy League college; to work on both the Mercury Project and the Apollo Project is pushing out the envelope and then some – for anyone.

To do all this as both a woman and a black women – amazing. As she put it when asked to summarise her achievements: “First of all, showing that women can do mathematics … [and], being an African American woman, letting people know that we have brains too.”

Way to go!

0 thoughts on “Evelyn Boyd Granville: my nomination for Ada Lovelace Day

  1. My nomination would be absolutely no one.Such awards are hugely sexist and belittling to the recipients.We should award the best PERSON in any field or area – not the best black, or white or purple person the or male or female or gay or lesbian etc.Such awards do so much harm and just cause fasle divisions and highlight people’s gender when this should never be an issue.Presumably like the very worst sexist awards there’s no corresponding recognition for best males? (which at least something like the Oscars has)