North Hill – call for action on dangerous crossing

Highgate’s Liberal Democrat councillors and local MP Lynne Featherstone have called for action to improve safety at a dangerous pedestrian crossing on North Hill.

The party is launching a petition online and through its regular Focus newsletter urging Highgate residents to support the campaign.

They are being joined by pensioners at the Mary Fielding Guild, which is near the crossing at the junction North Hill and Church Road, and opposite the busy Highgate Group Practice Doctors’ surgery.

Locals and Liberal Democrats are concerned about the safety of the crossing, which has no pedestrian lights or pedestrian phase, and is the responsibility of Transport for London. They have discussed safety on site with pensioners from the Mary Fielding Guild, including renowned campaigner Hetty Bower, 103.

Local councillor Rachel Allison comments:

“At present there is little time for pedestrians to cross safely. This is a route to school and directly opposite a popular doctor’s surgery. It’s clear we need a proper pedestrian crossing.”

MP Lynne Featherstone adds:

“It is time Transport for London, which is responsible, to take action to make the crossing safer. We will be urging local residents to get behind this campaign.”