Haringey not yet off the starting block to ensure Wood Green sports centre used in 2012

In a bid to ensure Haringey gets to play ball in the 2012 Olympics, local Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone has now written to Haringey Council requesting that it puts White Hart Lane Sports Centre forward as a training venue for the games.

The news that Haringey has not yet expressed an interest in allowing the venue to be used as a training facility during the games emerged in a recent Parliamentary Question asked by the Liberal Democrat MP.

In contrast to Haringey Council, many other London councils, such as Harrow, have already successfully put their venues forward as game-time training centres.

In a related move, as it emerged that White Hart Lane is already down as potential pre-games training venue, the Liberal Democrat MP has now also written to the London Olympic Committee, requesting more information on what further measures Haringey Council needs to take to make sure White Hart Lane gets selected as a pre-games venue.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“It’s really exciting that London will host the games in 2012, but with the lack of activity Haringey is exhibiting at the moment, there is a real risk that we won’t see any of the Olympics action here come 2012.

“Now I really hope that Haringey will get across the first hurdle and tell the Olympics committee that they want our Wood Green centre to be used during the games. It’s an excellent facility and it would be great to show the world what we have on offer here in Haringey.”

Councillor Rachel Allison, Liberal Democrat Regeneration Spokesperson adds:

“Many other councils have already gone the extra mile to ensure that they will be included in the Olympics but Haringey’s still stuck in the starting blocks. Haringey Council should grasp all opportunities to make sure we get to play an active part in 2012.”