I've bought a piece of land by Heathrow

Greenpeace have bought a plot of land where the Heathrow third runway would be. They are splitting this piece of land between ‘beneficiary owners’ who don’t have to pay anything but will be signing up to show support. I’ve signed up – as have Susan Kramer and Simon Hughes. So if you’re interested visit the Greenpeace site.

0 thoughts on “I've bought a piece of land by Heathrow

  1. Perhaps Greenpeace could try to do to Ferrovial (BAA’s owners) what Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall did to Tesco. If the rules for shareholders in Spain allow resolutions to be put, then lots of people could acquire low shareholdings in Ferrovial and put a resolution to not expand Heathrow beyond its current two runways. I’d buy a few shares, assign Greenpeace as my proxy and donate any dividends payable back to Greenpeace.

  2. Better off keeping ownership of the shares, then those shareowners can call various agenda items up at AGMs and EGMs, even call EGMsLynne – Perhaps you could get back to us on this, and suggest it to Greenpeace?

  3. I find it so strange this NIMBYISM, people want and need to travel, Heathrow is the main airport for the Capital of this Country and unless another site is found, it will need to expand to cope with demand.

    As the Airport has been their since 1944 and has PREVIOUSLY had three (3) runways and anyone that has bought a property within the area must have known that (a) it is likely to be affected by flight paths and (b) that major airports around the globe need to expand in order to deal with the demand or new airports need to be built.

    Personally I am in FAVOUR of an off-shore airport within or close to the Thames Estuary as it will bring in a wealth of jobs to the Essex & Kent areas and the transport can link up to the hi speed rail link that already exists.

    Yes, people will be affected by Flight Paths, yes some wildlife may have to move home but the reality is that this will happen wheresoever it is built or during expansion.

    The very same people that normally start up campaigns about these issues are the very same people enjoying 2 or more foreign holidays a year jetting off from the likes of Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead etc… it makes you HYPOCRITES.