New Statesman and the NUJ

I was shocked to find that the New Statesman (owners I assume) is refusing to recognise the NUJ. It is incomprehensible to me how the ownership can be so piggish. Perhaps (and I understand that Labour MP Geoffrey Robinson still owns around half) it is because their intentions are entirely dishonourable. Is it sackings for recession? Is it sackings linked to wanting to impose a new direction editorially? I don’t know but when – of all things – a left-of-centre magazine refuses to recognise the key union for their staff – we can only fear the worst. This stinks. Shame on you Geoffrey and co!

0 thoughts on “New Statesman and the NUJ

  1. That is disgusting. And typical of the contempt that New Labour figures show for all except their playmates in big business and fellow warmongers in the Bush administration.

  2. Absolutely right. As a member of the NUJ I find this alarming. If unchecked the implications for public understanding are immense.