Meeting Bob the Builder

Lynne Featherstone with the 101 Play Group101 Play Group are celebrating with Bob the Builder – having got £5,000 squid as one of twelve winners of the ‘Project: Renovate’ competition this playgroup is the Greater London finalist.

Their prize was to win an Eco-Makeover for the building. They have used the money on splendid new doors onto the outside play area, insulation and other eco-improvements.

The children originally had to do a whole series of activities about eco-friendly improvements – so they learned loads. Then photos of the children doing the projects and a 200 word submission were sent off. Travis Perkins were one of the companies sponsoring the competition.

So congrats to everyone. It’s not easy finding funding to get repairs or improvements done – and this prize money was much needed.

As you can see in the picture – although my Liberal Democrat councillor colleagues Monica Whyte (on my right) and Errol Reid on the far left (the only man in the picture) and myself were all there to support the Celebration Day – it was Bob the Builder who was definitely the main attraction – no contest!