Liberal Democrats reveal 'missing' young people list

Haringey Council fails to keep track of over 500 young people aged 16-18 leaving school it has been revealed. Local Liberal Democrats are concerned that the increase in the number of young people whose whereabouts are ‘not known’ is a sign of a hidden group of young people falling through the education system.

According to recent figures released by Haringey Council last Tuesday (15th July 2008) the percentage of young people in Haringey aged 16-18 whose current status is not known has risen to 11.7%.

Cllr Gail Engert, Liberal Democrat Children, Schools and Families Spokesperson, raised her concerns over the high level of ‘not knowns’ with the Cabinet member for Children and Young People, Cllr Liz Santry, at the Haringey Council Cabinet meeting on the 15th July.

Cllr Engert commented:

“It is shocking that Haringey Council has managed to lose track of 500 young people. This is a really worrying sign. If Haringey Council does not know the whereabouts of these young people, how can they ensure they are helped to gain access to employment or further education?

“Worryingly we were the fourth worst in the country in figures compiled by the government – now Haringey’s figures show that we are pushing to be the worst. The Council really need to get its act together.”

Lynne Featherstone MP added:

“If we are to break the cycle of poverty in Haringey every single young person needs as much help as possible to get jobs. These young people are being let down by Labour, particularly in the current economic climate. It is therefore completely unacceptable that such little effort is made to stay in contact with a group of people who need our help most.”