Open day at St Ann's Police Station

Lynne Featherstone at St Ann's Police StationSaturday highlights: open day at St Ann’s Police Station. This annual event seems to be getting more and more popular as the local community come in – mainly with their children – to unite police and the community it polices. Allowed to pet police dogs, sit on police motorbikes, sound the siren on the cars, have their fingerprints done and so on – the friendly and informative interaction is really an exemplar example of how it should be done. My personal highlight this year – having met the dogs and sat on the bikes in previous years – wearing a police hat and holding a speed trap laser!

Late afternoon popped to the Willingdon Road summer street party – the second year of this event. The street has tables in the middle and the international cuisine laid out as a feast symbolic of the happy and diverse community that live here. Full marks to Gosia Shannon who is the driving force behind this with a fifteen strong committee.

I went around and talked to as many people as I could – and everyone I spoke to was just delighted by the event and by getting to know their neighbours. The highlight for me was meeting an older lady who had been born in the street – and Gosia told me that the year before (i.e. the first Willingdon Road street party) this lady had watched out of her window at the events for four hours. This year – she was out like a shot – right from the start. That’s inclusion in action.

0 thoughts on “Open day at St Ann's Police Station

  1. Lyyne, isn’t there an unwritten rule that an MP should not campaign/attend public openings in another MP’s constituency?

  2. Justin – there isn’t a rule against campaigning as such (e.g. think what happens when MPs turn up to help out their own side in a council by-election!), but anyway – the visit wasn’t a campaigning one and it’s a visit I’ve made (and blogged about!) every year. There are the usual rules about letting MPs know as a matter of courtesy if you’re going to an event in their patch, which is what my office does.