Muswell Hill Library – Liberal Democrats call for rethink on development

Plans to expand Muswell Hill Library have suffered a major setback after it was revealed that the sale and development of land behind the library would scupper any such extension.

It was exposed at a heated meeting on Wednesday night (14th May 2008) that the controversial development on land at the back of Muswell Hill Library, meant to raise money for extending the library, would ironically leave no room for any extension.

Local Liberal Democrats have called for a major rethink by Haringey Council that would enable the development to go ahead but to also provide space for the library to expand. Cllr Engert has also written to Haringey Council for confirmation that all money raised through the sale of land at the back of the library is ring-fenced for the refurbishment and extension of the building.

Cllr Gail Engert (Muswell Hill) comments:

“It is ludicrous to think that the very development that was meant to pay for the extension is now the very barrier stopping this happening. Original plans showed the library and the development sharing the land equally – now the development takes nearly all the land, leaving the library with very little.”

Cllr Martin Newton (Fortis Green) adds:

“Local residents really feel let down. For years Muswell Hill library has needed refurbishment and to extend to give the local community a library for the 21st century – this will be yet another disappointment for all those who have waited only for Haringey Council to let them down again.”