Crime figures: Liberal Democrats call for action

Local Liberal Democrats have called for more action to tackle burglary, motor vehicle crime and the worrying increases in racial and homophobic crime. Latest figures released from the Metropolitan Police have shown reductions in total crime reported in Haringey but indicates a concerning increase in more common crimes and static levels of homicide.

Cllr Ron Aitken, Liberal Democrat Crime and Policing Spokesperson, comments:

“Despite reductions in total crime there are still unacceptable increases in more common offences of burglary and motor vehicle crime and in homophobic and racial offences. Local residents want their homes and possessions to be safe and should not be targeted due to their race or sexuality. We need more action and turn our attention to reducing these types of crime.

“The Police have worked extremely hard to achieve these results and we must congratulate their unrelenting efforts. But we must not lose sight of the human misery that lies behind these statistics and there is still considerable room for improvement.

“The Government needs to give the Police the freedom and recognition they deserve by putting an end to time-consuming paperwork and give them the pay-rise recommended by the independent review body.”