Exposure magazine

Visited Exposure last week – the magazine that is produced for young people – the amazing magazine produced for young people in Haringey. It is mostly contributed to by young people who come there for skills training and work experience – expedited by a seriously committed but very small group of professionals.

Andy (who manages the scheme) has created a fantastic atmosphere where young people who have not necessarily always been at ease in the education system can blossom. They learn, depending on their proclivity, to write articles, to do page layouts and graphics or work on video productions. I met lots of bright and very enthusiastic young people who all seemed engrossed in what they were doing and who told me how wonderful the experience was.

Exposure showed me a few of their video productions. Talk about talent and good ideas! One they showed me was a really humorous but devastatingly effective message about taking the risks of sexually transmitted diseases seriously. They had also done videos – equally effective – on knife crime and anorexia.

Such great work. Great outfit. Great kids and marvelous committed staff.