82 year old with foot problems denied care on the NHS

Lynne Featherstone with Mrs KellySince 2007, when her local Fortis Green clinic closed, Mrs. Audrey Kelly, 82, who suffers from severe foot problems that often leave her unable to walk, has been refused treatment or referral to an NHS chiropodist by her GP.

Mrs. Kelly, who is on income support, has been told that, as she is not considered a ‘high risk’ patient, the only way she can get foot care is to go private.

It is outrageous and completely unreasonable that the NHS will not treat her foot problem. Mrs. Kelly is in such severe pain, and being unable to get treatment on the NHS, she tried self treatment, which left her worse off with severely bleeding and infected feet.

Since the Fortis Green clinic closed, I have seen a real issue with elderly people being unable to get foot care on the NHS, despite NHS assurances that the service has not been cut. This is clearly not the case and Haringey PCT needs to deliver on its promises.

This is not the sort of NHS we should tolerate.

0 thoughts on “82 year old with foot problems denied care on the NHS

  1. I am in Praivate Practice as a Chiropodist and I am finding more and more patients coming through my door after discharge from the NHS.It is a sad reflection of todays healthcare system and an all too common one. However if no pain or risk is involved should the NHS fund such basic care in a similar vein to having ones hair cut?