Being charmed by Smokin' Joe

Lynne Featherstone and Jo FazierSmokin’ Joe and me are the best of friends!

Last night Haringey Police and Community Boxing Club had a black tie dinner to raise funds for the club. Smokin’ Joe (Frazier) – World Heavyweight Champion and one of the few to knock Ali down -was the big event. Introduced before the dinner – he was somewhat flirtatious as was his manager. At my age – this is now to be enjoyed!

It was a fantastic evening – and I hope it raised a lot of money for the club, as this is one of Haringey’s finest achievements – all down to the local police who started it some years back. It takes kids who might very well wander into trouble and gives them real attention and aspiration. Our club is also doing brilliantly on the international stage and making a really superb reputation for itself.

At the annual dinner there is boxing – but tonight there was no boxing, though there was an auction of signed memorabilia (like boxer shorts of Ali and Jo signed by both). And then an interview with Smokin’ Joe for about half an hour and time for photos. He is one hell of a character – and a bit of a charmer I found!

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