Tragic death

Yesterday – was phoned by journalists for comments on the poor 17 month old boy who died in a north London hospital having being horrifically wounded. It looks as if Haringey may be in the frame as the child was thought to be on the ‘at risk’ register and the police have arrested his mother and her boyfriend.

Of course, the first thing I (and everyone else) always think of when this sort of news hits the streets is Victoria Climbie. Having been a councillor at the time – and seen the catalogue of mistakes made by a number of agencies (not just Haringey Council) – I can’t help wondering whether this case is in any way a result of lessons not being learned. I was always horrified that no officer and no politician resigned or was sacked over Victoria – only the end of the chain social worker paid any price for that tragedy.

However, no information hard information as yet – so need to wait and see before forming any views or conclusions.

0 thoughts on “Tragic death

  1. “lessons not being learned” you say, Are they ever? “Lessons will be learned” is simply the stock answer that I hear so many many times on the radio or TV, usually, I am disappointed to say, by politicians, and means virtually nothing. No, sorry, what it usually means is that nothing is going to be done about it, but we will placate the plebs by telling them that we really are concerned.I may sound very cynical but are you really surprised?

  2. Lynne, I enjoy your blog but this post should really be beneath you. Can’t you at least wait a few days before using this tragedy to score points off (Labour-run) Haringey Council.It isn’t good enough to leave a “no information hard information as yet” disclaimer at the end.The oh-so-subtle suggestion is that Haringey are “in the frame” and that senior heads should roll. This may, in the fullness of time, turn out to be the case. But this post is simply a premature attempt at turning the issue into a political football.

  3. All the reports have been that the child was on the council’s “at risk” register which means, yes, there will be questions about the council’s role.I think it’s fair to be saying that now even though – as I said – we should hold off thinking we know the answers for sure (which might or might not be “council did things right”) until there’s been time to get evidence together.