0 thoughts on “Why can't the Parks Constabulary use the police radio system?

  1. A fantastic campaign and cause you are fighting to ensure parks constabulary are equipped to deal with crime and perpetrators of crime. Metropolitan Police Service could enhance and forge links with, and work alongside, the parks police. Furthermore, as you say, the Parks police should be able to link into the many resources available across the Met to assist with their daily policing. In this particular case, we are referring to the radio system. I support your campaign and certainly endorse any measures taken to protect officers in park and the wider public. Just for the record, I have myself observed the growing problem of groups of teenagers congregating in parks, which can sometimes be very very intimidating. I recall few months ago, I was taking a stroll in Albert Road Recreation Ground, reading a book and relaxing, suddenly the police approached me and offered me with some kind advice: “I should take care when walking on my own in the entry parts and some parts of the park”, despite it being during one afternoon in warm weather. I did take his advice on board.My only concern in regards to park safety would be to complain about the manner in which groups of teenagers ride their bikes with complete disregard for children and adults walking.