Am I having a ten week holiday?

Photo of a beachThat’s the title of my latest newspaper column – and I think you can guess the answer! As I wrote:

The media obsess about the long ‘holidays’ that MPs have – but of course – recess doesn’t equal holiday. I don’t know about all MPs – but certainly all the ones I asked had pretty intense programs.

So – what do MPs actually get up to in the summer then? You’ll have to read my piece to find out!

0 thoughts on “Am I having a ten week holiday?

  1. The hols jibe stems from the perception that MPs are superannuated time-servers who do absolutely nothing of value.You might as well get it straight.

  2. Bond and White closing?! Might have known they were too good to be true in this day and age. Where do we go now? And don’t let McDonalds take over the site PLEASE!Ian HollingworthMuswell Hill