My most popular blog postings of the last three months

I’d normally expect late July and August to be a bit quieter on my website and blog, with more people on holiday and less politics in the news equalling fewer visitors. But – good news – traffic has been going up and up in the last couple of weeks – which has prompted me to look at what people have been looking at.

So from my web statistics here are the top ten blog postings of mine from the last three months in, drum roll please, reverse order (no peaking straight to the bottom of the list!):

10. Two entries tied for tenth – one on the same topic as number seven (see below), and the other was Which way for Islam? – based on my column for Asian Voice.

9. Parkland Walk – big local issue over its future and whether – amongst various suggestions – it should get concreted over to make for a fast cycle track.

8. Writing to a random peer – part of the campaign to stop Labour and Tory attempts to exempt MPs from the freedom of information rules. We won!

7. Pirate radio station update – the appearance of police adverts on an illegal radio station generated a flurry of interest (though there’s lots more to the story overall than just what’s in this post – e.g. the bigger issue around illegal radio stations and their impact on other stations). Another posting on this topic also came in at joint tenth.

6. Hearing the Highgate Choral Society – most surprising entry in the top ten list – guess that lots of members of the society may have come to read what I thought of them!

5. Should YouTube be closed? – is this a solution to bullying? Bit surprised that such a recent posting should appear so high in the list, but it’s picked up quite a lot of traffic from other sites by the looks of it.

4. Don’t vote for me! – no, I’m not running for London Mayor! (I see that Brian Paddick has overtaken me in the online poll since that posting though!).

3. London selection results – who is going to be standing for the Liberal Democrats at the next London Assembly elections? And what to make of the choices?

2. Highbury and Islington station is now on the Northern Line – what’s up with the signs at Finsbury Park? But it all ended happily with corrections made. Thank you Tfl!

1. Fortismere School update – perhaps not a surprise that an issue of such importance and passion as the future of a local school brings in the most traffic.

All in all, what do I think of the choices made by you, dear readers? It’s quite an interesting mix – some very local stories (which must mean lots of constituents reading this blog) along with wider political stories, and some not very political bits at all. So – quite a good balance I think!

You can now pontificate at length about what this all means for politics, blogging, liberal democracy and the price of fish!