Nominated for an award

Get a phone call. Good news. I knew I had been nominated in the Dods Woman of the Year Award (Woman MP category) – and today they rang to say I had been shortlisted.

I know. I know. You can’t take to much notice of these things – but it’s better to be mentioned than not be mentioned!

0 thoughts on “Nominated for an award

  1. Lynne, you must take lots of notice of these awards.You are a great MP, always there and ready to get things done.Thats just what we need in, a local representative.If only more politicians were like you!

  2. Well Done, you deserve it for your stand against the PRC in their illegal occupation of Tibet. The people of Tibet are proud to have you as their devout supporter of righteousness 🙂 hahaha went off the rails a bit lol.mash