Highgate – parking chaos must stop now, says Lib Dem leader

Liberal Democrats and local residents in Highgate have condemned Haringey Council for failing to stop parking chaos in the area and for ignoring the views of local residents.

Lib Dem Leader Neil Williams, who represents Highgate ward, says that the Miltons area of his ward, north of Hornsey Lane, is experiencing parking chaos due to the introduction of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in neighbouring streets – schemes that the Council has known about, but which they have so far failed to address with their own proposals.

The area now has the only streets within easy reach of the Whittington Hospital that does not have parking controls, resulting in displacement parking chaos and misery for local residents.

Residents in the area were consulted on the introducing of parking controls last year, and are thought to favour the introduction of a controlled parking zone. However, Haringey Council has not yet even released the results of this consultation, let alone designed a scheme to put to the residents.

The situation was set to worsen further this weekend, when Haringey Council gave notice that it would vigorously enforce parking restrictions in the area, despite an earlier pledge to Highgate councillor Bob Hare that they would adopt a “light touch” while the present problems persisted.

Cllr Neil Williams comments:

“Local residents in the area are now facing parking chaos, which is only set to worsen. The Council is ignoring requests to help sort out this situation. It is absurd. Where there appears to be local support for parking controls, the Council dithers, while wasting its time on unpopular parking schemes elsewhere in the borough.

“Haringey Council needs to reprioritise its work plans, and get some relief to the residents of this part of Highgate as soon as possible. The present situation is totally intolerable, and cannot be allowed to continue as long as July.”