Lib Dem dismay as Council Tax in Haringey hits over £1,400 a year

A typical Haringey Council Tax bill will now cost a whopping £1431.74, up from £1383.59 in 2006/07, following the setting of the Council Tax last night. Haringey Liberal Democrats have criticised the move, which followed Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone’s decision to increase his Council Tax levy by an inflation busting 5.3%.

Liberal Democrats are pointing to the rapid increase of Council Tax under the Labour administration in Haringey over the past ten years. A total of £575.74 has been added to the tax burden for the residents of Haringey – an increase of two-thirds – since 1998-9.

Neil Williams, Lib Dem Opposition Leader, comments:

“Council Tax bills in Haringey have nearly doubled in recent years, and local people can ill afford it.

“If Haringey wasted less money, and Ken Livingstone spent less on self serving publicity we could have got an increase lower than 5.3%, while still protecting key services like policing and transport. These are crippling bills and as Haringey Labour showed last night that they simply do not care.”