Parking charges: ten questions Labour must answer, say Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats in Haringey are asking Labour some tough questions over their attempts to rush through a new system of parking charges in the borough. The Lib Dems will also be bringing the issue to the Haringey Council’s top watchdog committee in the coming days to make the Council address their concerns.

The key questions Liberal Democrats want answered are:

1.Why will the public not be consulted fully, as happened in Richmond?

2.Why has Labour chosen to invent a 4-band charging structure and chosen not to track the 7 DVLA bands?

3.Did the Council know it was going to massively increase CPZ charges when it conducted its most recent parking consultation?

4.Will the revenue created by the increased charges be ‘ring fenced’ for environmental projects?

5.Why has Haringey Council not provided any estimate of the introduction and administration of this scheme, and what is the cost?

6.How many cars in Haringey fall into each of the proposed bands?

7.What percentage of Haringey car owners will end up paying this tax? (including areas scheduled to become CPZs as a result of current consultations)

8.Which three wards will have the highest proportion of car owners paying this new tax? (including areas scheduled to become CPZs as a result of current consultations)

9.For how long has the Council been working on this proposal, and what advice was sought and from whom?

10.Given the incentives in the new parking schemes will Haringey’s Mayor now switch to a less polluting vehicle?

Liberal Democrat Leader of the Opposition, Neil Williams, comments:

“I am in favour of environmental taxes, but this is clearly a grubby cash grab by an utterly cynical Labour council. They have yet to present any evidence that their proposal will work, or work fairly.They must do so, or they will give green taxes a bad name.”

Cllr Martin Newton (Fortis Green), Lib Dem spokesperson for the Environment adds:

“Liberal Democrat controlled Richmond carried out a detailed consultation with local residents before going ahead with their scheme. The Labour group in Haringey are making a mockery of consultation. It’s a simple as that.”