Happy Christmas

Much finishing off of business and tying up of loose ends. Decide Mayor must come and face music over proposal to raise Congestion Charge to £8.00 and arrange for New Year.

Hornsey Town Hall issue went to the Labour Exec on Tuesday night – and the proposal for a proto-trust leading to independent trust is passed – unfortunately with a developer-led slant. Hopefully we can at least push for the Hornsey Town Hall trust people to take part in this process as they have good ideas and energy and commitment.

As we run down to the 24th the RMT are threatening strikes (no change there) and as I run down Marylebone High Street trying to do my Christmas shopping on Thursday, BBC London phone for me to do a special on the 27th. No – say I – tickets for Mary Poppins bought almost a year ago prohibit. And so it’s Christmas Eve and I am blogging off now until 4th January.

Wishing anyone who is looking in a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.