Another Christmas fairy tale

‘Twas Christmas Eve and the snow was falling gently on the beautiful glass palace where twenty-five political elves and a handsome Mayor (more of a frog really – but for the sake of the story, handsome) lived.

Nearly a year had passed since the Mayor had been discovered – frozen on a plinth in Trafalgar Square. And much had come to pass in the land in that year and the ruling order had changed.

The red elves had taken the cold, stiff body to No 10 Downing Street where the all-powerful strong-willed Prince – much more powerful than the Mayor – had breathed life back into him. But not life as the Mayor had known it before. Now the Mayor no longer cared about the people of London. All he now cared about was pleasing the Prince.

Meanwhile the dark shadow of mistrust had fallen across the land. Once upon a time, not that long ago, the people had truly loved the Prince – but he had betrayed them and taken them to war and death on falsehoods. Now the forces of darkness were gathering against him.

His staunchest ally, an authoritarian and illiberal wizard, had fallen in love with a seductive witch who cast a spell upon him. The spell made him do things that no wizard should – and he had used his power for personal gain. When a Wizard misuses his powers – he is done for – and thus it came to pass that he left his master’s service in disgrace.

And the enemy within was not far away. There was a most powerful foe living only next door, brooding and jealous, and the strong-willed Prince was scared – but still his power was absolute and his rule iron. Anyone who challenged him was dispensed with. The Mayor too now did his bidding. London was in darkest danger.

Only the political elves could save London. But the blue elves continued to fight amongst themselves. The red and green elves (much less in number than before) had no will of their own and did whatever the Mayor instructed them to do. The purple elves – who were new – didn’t have a clue what they were doing. Only the golden elves stood up for the people of old London Town. And the people were glad.

But the Mayor did not like the popularity of the golden elves. He was jealous and he would peevishly attack them whenever he could. In fact the Mayor and the Prince had both begun to notice a golden glow in the skies above an area in the north of London Town.

On Christmas Eve preparations were already well underway for the Great Event- an event foretold by the soothsayers which would fall on May 5 in the year of Our Mayor, 2005.

The Prince instructed the Mayor to stop the golden political elves at all costs. So as the snow fell on Christmas Eve the Mayor called the golden elves to his chamber and offered them each a golden glass of bubbling liquid to celebrate the year’s end. But the chalice was poisoned and they all fell into a deep sleep from which no one could awaken them.

The people were distraught. As they wended their way home no one knew whether they would live or die. Golden helpers delivered leaflets up and down the land asking people to clap their hands at midnight on Christmas Eve as the only way to save the elves.

And the people did clap. And the elves were saved.

As the snow settled on the rooftops of London all was well and there was peace and goodwill to all throughout the land.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.