Local Lib Dems have renewed their call for Vodafone to abandon plans to install a mobile phone base station mast in Alexandra ward. The call follows a visit to the site by Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesperson Cllr Lynne Featherstone with Lib Dem Deputy leader Wayne Hoban, in whose ward the planned site lies.

Local residents living near the site, at the junction of Albert Road and Durnsford Road, have been outraged by the plans, and expressed their opposition at a public meeting earlier in the year. Lib Dems have also sharply criticised the company for refusing to engage with local residents by attending a public meeting on the issue.

The new mast would be in close proximity to a recently erected one belonging to O2, which appeared with little warning only about one year ago. As the masts are not subject to planning permission, Lib Dems says that pressure must be brought on the mobile phone companies.

Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesperson Lynne Featherstone comments:

“The planning system is stacked against residents when it comes to the location of mobile phone masts. I am not convinced that enough is being done by the phone companies to work together to share facilities. We do not want this to be another case of the issue going quiet and then a new mast suddenly appears in the area.”