Lib Dem councillor for Muswell Hill Lynne Featherstone has secured assurances from Haringey Council that they will seek funding for a vehicle-activated speeding sign along busy Muswell Hill Road, N10.

The news comes after persistent pressure from Cllr Featherstone over the last year. She has been contacted by local residents concerned at speeding vehicles, particularly those with wide wheel bases that can avoid the existing speed humps.

Cllr Featherstone had originally pressed the London Borough of Haringey to secure funding for a speed camera, but was told that the London Safety Camera Partnership (LSCP), who fund the installation of speed cameras, had said that the area did not meet the criteria of four speed-related accidents during the previous three years. However the Council this week confirmed that they would be seeking funding from the LSCP for a vehicle-activated sign along the road that would remind speeding motorists of the speed limit.

Cllr Featherstone, although disappointed that a speed camera will not be installed, is pleased that other measures are being looked at to address speeding in the road.

Cllr Lynne Featherstone (Muswell Hill) comments:

“I am pleased the Council has taken the speeding problem seriously and is trying to find ways to improve the situation. I have received many complaints from residents and I will continue to press for action until we see a marked reduction in speeding.”