Lib Dem Councillor for Stroud Green Laura Edge has secured a verbal assurance from the Haringey Council that playgroups will not face a 300% increase in their rates in the next financial year as originally proposed. The news comes just two weeks after Lib Dems vowed to fight Haringey Council’s policy change, which would see playgroups and other community associations charged market rates for leasing council property.

In a question made at the Council’s watchdog Overview and Scrutiny meeting on Monday (22nd November), Cllr Edge asked the Council’s lead member for finance to reassure the committee that the Council would safeguard the future of the 101 playgroup, which had been facing closure.

In response Cllr Milner said that they were looking to “smooth the position” and that it “would not be the case” that playgroups such as 101 would face the kind of increases they are currently facing.

Cllr Edge has welcomed the assurance that a solution will be announced within the next 2-3 weeks. However she says that until a satisfactory outcome is achieved she will continue to fight to safeguard the future of vital community services like the 101 playgroup.

Cllr Laura Edge comments: “I am pleased that it appears we have convinced the Council that charging playgroups market rates is a bad idea. Playgroups such as 101 provide a vital service to the community and should be not face such extortionate rate increases. I hope that Council’s solution reflects this feeling.”