Sutton and Haringey

Meet a woman at Harringay Station. I’ve done a lot of work to get this and other stations in Haringey improved – particularly getting them cleaned up. She’d written to me about graffiti problems at the station, so we met to take a look. She took me down to the platform and showed me the whole of the facing wall to the platform covered in graffiti.

Platform graffiti which adorns the walls coming into most stations in London is a hard nut to crack – but one that I am keen to continue to apply pressure to.

I have now contacted WAGN to see if they will remove the graffiti which has clearly not been touched since 1996 – some kind tagger was thoughtful enough to write the year for all to see.

Later in the day off to Sadlers Wells! Sadly not to see a performance but to give a presentation on the Hump Report which I and my transport committee produced earlier this year.

What a beautiful setting – the glass wall of the theatre lit with tiny white lights and the aspect of London beyond.

Road humps always provoke people. Let us be clear – the findings were overwhelming that they save lives and serious injuries – but they are not the only nor necessarily the best tool for traffic calming. (You can read more about it in the column I wrote at the time).

There was a woman there who was speaking after me from the Transport Laboratory and she was telling me beforehand that they are now working on psychological barriers to speeding – i.e. if a driver thinks it is dangerous and likely to kill him/her they will slow down. Sounds a good approach to me.

I leave Sadlers directly after my bit as I have to make my way across London to Sutton as guest speaker at Sutton LibDems AGM.

Graham Tope has been the best mentor a politician could have and I later embarrass him by telling the massed ranks of Sutton LibDems that this is the case.

Graham met me at Sutton station. As we walked through Sutton town centre it was a bit like being in that old TV series ‘The Prisoner’. Everything looked pristine, and shiny and well designed. Lovely murals and artistic railings, clean pedestrianised streets with nice shops and lovely lighting. A world away from many parts of Haringey where I hail from. However, apparently local residents did not always see it as the shining example I did. I would like them to come to Haringey (Labour run) and see that even our ‘nice’ high streets cannot compare.

I deliver a sort of round up on the London Assembly and the Mayor – the GLA world according to Lynne – and it seems to go down well.