Housing matters!

Labour-run Haringey Council has not built any council housing for 25 years. Unforgivable!

So much of my casework is to do with housing. There isn’t nearly enough and people stay on Haringey’s housing list for years – living in overcrowded and sometimes absolutely terrible conditions.

It is not unusual for people to come to me in desperation over their living conditions to ask me to help get them moved. So often it is the parents worried about the children having to sleep several to a room and no place for a child to do homework or study – and years are spent in temporary accommodation just waiting and waiting for a home.

My Liberal Democrat council colleagues have committed in their manifesto to build the first new council homes in Haringey for 25 years. When Labour Haringey published its manifesto for these local elections (after the Liberal Democrat manifesto had been published of course) lo and behold – suddenly – Labour are promising to build houses.

Given they have been in power in Haringey for decades and haven’t built any council housing – not sure local people will believe this leopard is changing its spots!

There’s only one way to be sure – back the local Liberal Democrat team on Thursday with our consistent record of campaigning to tackle Haringey’s housing shortage.

1 thought on “Housing matters!

  1. Please make Lynne the new LIb Dem leader.

    Lets have a woman instead of Nick Clegg.

    and don’t remind me on an advert FOR EUROPE that a young woman can use taxpapyers money for Erasmus but a woman who is 46 English and has a degree is obliged to pay £27K if she needs to retrain to work. Do I care that women are top bosses?Yes if I can retrain and no if the jobs go to young women and not me. The equalities act says no ageism and yet this policy of yours is ageist. we need is women to be managers in supermarkets. it is clear that Lib Dems advert hurt my feelings to tell me that the Erasmus scheme is such a EU advantage when we now know that EU student loans are not repaid but an ENGLISH WOMAN WHO GOT A DEGREE IN UK IN 1991 AND WAS FORCED TO BE A OAP CARER FOR SIX YEARS HAS TO FIND HER OWN MONEY TO RETRAIN BECAUSE SOME QUANGO DECIDED THAT UNIVERSITY CAN ONLY BE ONCE IN YOUR LIFE UNDER THE COALISTION. I ALSO AGREE WITH GOVE ABOUT ENGLISH GCSE HAVING MET GRADUATES WHO CANNOT SPELL OR WRITE OR CPOUNT – WHY SHOULD THEY BE GIVEN A LOAN BUT NOT ME? AS WOMEN NEED TO RETURN TO WORK FROM CARING WHY ARE MY SKILLS LEFT TO BE A CLEANER OR A CASHIER BECASUE I AM FORCED INTO POVERTY IF I CANNOT RETRAIN ? EQAULITY WITH THE YOUNG eu student who is allowed a loan and can then sod off without paying it is equality for me…

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