Potholes matter!

Labour often make fun of how much interest I and my Liberal Democrat council colleagues take in potholes, pavements and rubbish bins. I don’t think it is funny. I think it is incredibly important that when you walk out of your home what you see around you is decent, clean and well-maintained – and all the more so if you are pushing a pram, using a wheelchair or otherwise have mobility problems.

It is also a very good sign of how well or how badly a council is run. After all – this is pretty basic stuff – and if you can’t even get that right…

On that measure alone, you would have to say that Labour run Haringey Council fails extraordinarily badly. It fails on many other levels – but today we are talking pavements and potholes!

The Liberal Democrat manifesto for the Haringey Council elections on Thursday commits an extra million pounds on resurfacing roads and pavements – because it really does matter.

Labour have been in power here in Haringey for over 40 years and still can’t manage to give local people the most basic of services – even though we pay one of the highest Council Taxes in London!

Vote Liberal Democrat in the local council elections on May 22 for a change for the better!