Backing Sky City residents in the fight for repairs

Lynne Featherstone MP and local campaigner Roberto Robles on the site visit, with just one of the problems faced by residents.Lynne Featherstone MP last week attended a meeting between fifty Sky City residents and Metropolitan housing association, who manage the housing complex.

The Liberal Democrat MP spoke up for residents, who have become increasingly angry about the lack of repairs and upkeep at Sky City. The local MP visited the complex last month to see the piles of rubbish and disrepair for herself.

At the meeting, Metropolitan agreed to take action, including a steam clean of the bin room, a short term repair for the lift, and investigation into issues with the boiler.

The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green has promised to keep in touch with residents, and keep on at Metropolitan until the necessary repairs are made.

Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“Sky City is such a unique area, and it could be so wonderful if the housing association did their job and kept it in good repair. It is shameful that they have let it get to this state.

“I am fully behind the local residents and will keep contacting Metropolitan until we see results. I am glad to see that some initial repairs have been made – hopefully it is a sign of more to come.”