Unemployment in Hornsey and Wood Green falls again!

A million jobs infographicLynne Featherstone MP has today welcomed news that unemployment in her constituency has fallen again.

In Hornsey and Wood Green, unemployment is currently at a low of 4%, meaning there are now 869 less people claiming Job Seekers Allowance than when Labour left the Government in 2010.

Youth unemployment in the constituency has also plummeted – down from 7.8% in May 2010 to 4.7% now.

This comes alongside news that, nationally, the number of people in work reached a record high of 29.87 million in the quarter, up 155,000.

Creating jobs is a Liberal Democrat priority. Since 2010, the Liberal Democrats in Government have helped businesses create over 1 million private sector jobs, and have helped create 1.2 million apprenticeships. There are now more apprentices than ever before and 86% more than under Labour.

Locally, Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone has helped create new apprenticeships, by organising an event for local young people to meet companies offering apprenticeships.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“Work is so important to individuals and families. It pays the bills, gives us purpose and fulfilment, and provides security for our long term futures.

“This fall in the number of people claiming JSA is a welcome sign – particularly in Hornsey and Wood Green! This drop, combined with the rise in the total number of people in employment, shows that our economy is recovering and people are returning to work.

“In Government and locally the Lib Dems will keep working hard to reduce unemployment, which in turn will help build a stronger economy and create a fairer society – enabling everyone to get on in life.”

1 thought on “Unemployment in Hornsey and Wood Green falls again!

  1. Sorry to nit-pick but we have been very aware of education issues and the correct teaching of things like English Grammar for our children, with the ill-informed Michael Gove pontificating so often over issues he really does not understand.
    Bad grammar or sentence construction does jump out:
    In your second paragraph, the word ‘less’ isn’t right, it should be ‘fewer’.
    It should read: ‘ … meaning there are now 869 fewer people claiming Job … ‘
    Less refers to a=the volume of a commodity ‘ .. there is less bread now ..’ as opposed to items you can count ‘.. there are fewer trains calling at Hornsey and Harringay on Sundays than weekdays ..’

    Sorry but this one does grate! Cheers R

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