400 responses on rubbish!

Uncollected rubbish on Hornsey High Street - Summer 2013Last week I sent an email to my constituents, asking for their opinions on rubbish collection in Haringey.

Over the last two years, I’ve received hundreds of complaints from residents about missed collections, piles of stinking rubbish and bins being misplaced after emptying.

Some disabled residents have been unable to get out of their driveways because the bins were left blocking it, and other residents have had to deal with rat infestations. One person took to twitter to complain about the maggots which appeared as a result of missed collections.

The complaints started when Labour-run Haringey Council introduced fortnightly collections to the borough, in tandem with their waste contractor, Veolia. Some teething problems were perhaps inevitable – but two years on, enough is enough!

I asked Haringey Council whether they could fine Veolia for poor performance. The answer was: Yes we can, but we never have!

So despite all the problems, the Labour Council have never bothered to fine Veolia!

I’ve had 400 replies from local residents already, letting me know how they feel about rubbish collection in Haringey. We’re in the process of analysing them – and can report that so far – two thirds of residents are unsatisfied with their collections.

If you want to add your opinion – please do so via www.lynnefeatherstone.org/contact

Once we’ve collated all the responses, I’ll present them to Haringey Council and Veolia and demand action to improve collections. We pay one of the highest rates of Council Tax in London – and we deserve a better service!

3 thoughts on “400 responses on rubbish!

  1. I live in a flat conversion. My neighbour cannot be bothered to recycle. Nor do they put their rubbish out on collection days. The consequence is that they are now dumping their rubbish in our bin which is overflowing. The only thing the council can do is send letters which they ignore. At the same time its people like this — ex convicts who get priority housing.

    Sorry I know this not really what this blog is about — its just I feel so frustrated that people involving in anti social behaviour are allowed to rule our streets.

  2. I have contacted you twice before about the failed rubbish collection. I am disabled and have difficulty walking.
    The rubbish bins are left in my path such that I can’t get past them. They block my exit from the house. You helped me with that issue and they are now put back.
    The next problem was the fact that they put them back to front so I can’t open the lids. This problem remains.
    The new problem is that last we they didn’t take my black rubbish at all npr did they take a large item put by the rubbish bins. This week they didn’t take green or black rubbish.
    So this week we will have to pile up black bags on the pavement. It is out of control in haringey. Please help.

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