New River Village's shocking secret….

A few days ago I issued a press release exposing the awful living conditions of some residents in the Colorado Apartments at New River Village. In response, the local Lib Dems and I have started a petition, calling on Circle 33 (the company who manage the block) to step up and take action.

I have now also released this video, taken from my visit, so you can really see the problems for yourself.

As you can see, in contrast to the pristine private apartment blocks, these social housing blocks are in disrepair and suffering from damp walls.

Since we started this campaign, we have also received reports of graffiti, overflowing bins and general litter dumping. People have told us about mice and cockroaches – and even human excrement in the corridors. No-one should have to live like this.

I demanded a meeting with the Managing Director of Circle 33 – and he is coming to my constituency office next Friday. We will be presenting him with the petition and accompanying him on the site visit.

I won’t rest until these problems are sorted!

1 thought on “New River Village's shocking secret….

  1. Just for your information about a year ago I was speaking to a Black Cab driver and he bought one of the private flats in River Village and he said he had a lot of problems with damp. He said it took a while but the buidling company did sort it out and gave him several thousand pounds compensation. So seems to be a problem with the building itself and St James must know about it.
    Hope it gets sorted out and the residents can live in comfortable homes soon.

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