Lynne Featherstone MP exposes New River Village shame

Dawn Barnes, Lynne Featherstone MP and Local Resident Kristine Gravelsina in the New River Village Colorado apartmentLynne Featherstone MP and local Liberal Democrat campaigners have launched a petition demanding better living conditions for residents in the social housing apartments at New River Village.

In contrast to the pristine private apartment blocks, the social housing blocks –to the rear of the development – are suffering from damp walls, graffiti, overflowing bins and general litter and mess in the corridors.

The Hornsey and Wood Green MP recently visited an apartment in the block. Resident Kristine Gravelsina showed the local MP the effect of the problems on her apartment – including severe damp in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.

Following the visit, the Liberal Democrat MP wrote to the Housing Association Circle 33 (who are responsible for managing the social housing) and demanded a meeting.

At the meeting, a petition with residents’ signatures – calling on Circle 33 to sort out the problems – will be presented.

Local resident Kristine Gravelsina said:

“Residents in Colorado apartments have to put up with leaks, damp walls and sometimes floods. The shared areas like the corridors and bin stores are in a terrible state.

“We have been trying to get Circle 33 to help us, but they are slow and no proper repairs have been made. I am glad Lynne and the Lib Dems have stepped in and I hope that it finally makes Circle 33 take action.”

Dawn Barnes, Hornsey Liberal Democrat campaigner, said:

“I was shocked and upset when I visited the New River Village and saw how poorly maintained the communal areas were.

“I spoke to residents on the ground floor and they showed me that their homes were badly affected with damp and mould. These homes aren’t good enough for families to live in and, with winter approaching, the problems need to be fixed quickly.”

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“As Kristine’s MP, I will fight hard on her behalf for better living conditions. What I saw on my visit to her apartment block was simply unacceptable.

“I have demanded a meeting with Circle 33. With the backing of residents, I will be asking that they make the necessary repairs as soon as possible, and for a commitment to provide a better service in the future.”

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